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Lancaster explodes into riots over justified shooting; ‘jump the shark’ moment for Black Lives Matter

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Mark the protests that took place Sunday evening in Lancaster, Pa., as the “jump the shark moment” for the militant Black Lives Matter political movement.

Rioting and other lawless behavior broke out after a police officer was forced to shoot and kill a 27-year-old man seen on bodycam video brandishing a knife over his head in a threatening manner as he ran at the cop.

If ever there was a justified shooting, the video released Sunday captured it. At the same time, the concept of justified force seems to elude the left.

The deceased suspect, 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz, reportedly had a criminal history of stabbing people.

BlazeTV reporter Elijah Schaffer was on the scene and tweeted a series of videos of people protesting for little more than the sake of protesting — there were reports of wild rumors about the earlier shooting making the rounds online.

In the video below, a State Trooper patrol vehicle is attacked:

The violent mob was seeking a confrontation and didn’t bother to wait for police to come to them, according to Schaffer.

Instead, they began approaching a local precinct in an attempt to provoke them:

Spoiling for a fight, scuffles even broke among unruly Black Lives Matter protesters:

The aggressive actions of the mob resulted in police reportedly declaring an unlawful assembly and responding in force:

In another clip Schaffer shared, someone in the mob can be heard calling out, “Let’s shoot them n*gga” — this being an apparent reference to police.

The reporter sad one of the protesters was hit in the head with a rubber bullet and taken away by medics — it’s not clear if this is a reference to actual medics or to the wannabe medics that are present at most organized actions by the left.

That such violence is prompted by a police officer forced to defend themselves in the face of imminent harm is shocking.

Even more so as the nation was rocked by the actions of Black Lives Matter activists in Los Angeles, who set siege on the hospital where two ambushed deputies fighting for their lives were taken, chanting “We hope they die!

Rioters in Lancaster where throwing projectiles at the police, including water bottles, rocks and brick fragments, Schaffer reported.

They would also attack a precinct headquarters.

And on and on it went… because a police officer shot a man charging at him with a large knife.

Of course, no respectable Black Lives Matter riot would be complete without the prerequisite search for loaves of bread — at an athletic attire store.

(This being a reference to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., defending the violence in our streets, claiming looters are simply looking for bread to feed their children.)

Tom Tillison


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