‘The Biden campaign is a farce’: Long pauses and problems reading from teleprompter fuel doubts

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden struggled for moments during another virtual event in which he appeared to have issues with his teleprompter.

The former vice president appeared online at an AFL-CIO virtual town hall in Harrisburg, Pa. on Labor Day, discussing jobs and the economy while taking shots at President Donald Trump. The Democrat spoke with union President Richard Trumka and union members but seemed to have a problem at one point reading from a teleprompter.

“The Biden ‘campaign’ is a farce,” the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted along with a video clip from the event shared by the Trump campaign.

“If there was one decent journalist left they would be calling this nonsense out daily but unfortunately there aren’t,” he added.

In a disturbing and hard to watch moment, Biden appeared to be breathing heavily as he attempted to answer a question from union member Rebecca Vedrine who asked about his plan for Americans who support unions.

After a long pause, Biden seemed to direct his staff to “move it up here” in an apparent teleprompter instruction. His breathing could be heard as he waited for scripted notes so he could begin his response, which was also labored as he seemed to be waiting for the words to scroll.

“Could you imagine if I got caught doing this,” the president demanded in a tweet responding to the clip and calling out the media for not reporting on it.

“This guy is given the answer to questions, which he reads from his teleprompter. Is Donna involved in this scam?” Trump asked, referring to former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile who was infamously caught leaking questions to Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 primary debate.

Biden has come under fire repeatedly for appearing to be reading from notes or a teleprompter even during what are supposed to be impromptu questions. In an interview with a South Florida news station last week, Biden accidentally read the words “topline message” as he attacked Trump on Venezuela, after saying “End of quote.”

He was also caught on camera a few months back directing staffers to change the teleprompter as he struggled during another talk.

Last week, in a rare in-person campaign stop speech in Pittsburgh, Biden again struggled to read off the teleprompter or string together a complete sentence.

Twitter users have repeatedly slammed the Democratic party for continuing to push Biden as the nominee while mainstream media ignores the fact that he rarely made live appearances for months and now just seems to take prepared questions while responding with pre-printed answers.

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