Pro-Trump aisle art in Hobby Lobby causes woke left-wingers to come unglued

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Easily triggered left-wingers seem to be becoming unglued, as it were, on social media and calling for a boycott in response to a trending tweet featuring a Hobby Lobby store display that reads “USA Vote Trump.”

So far, it has yet to be determined if an employee or just a random customer at the unidentified shop is responsible for the pro-Trump aisle art.

Whether you’re a fan/customer or not of Hobby Lobby or its sometimes controversial business practices, it’s worth noting that the woke crowd seldom has an issue with importing into and insisting upon far-left policies at the workplace.

The image below was reportedly first posted on the Facebook page of the Never Trumper Lincoln Project.

Many liberals still haven’t gotten over the arts & crafts chain’s 2014 U.S. Supreme Court victory that challenged the Obamacare contraception mandate on grounds of religious freedom. They called for a consumer embargo back then as well.

It’s an open question as to whether any of its critics actually ever patronized the store outlets in the first place.

Woke Twitter is nonetheless displeased with the perhaps impromptu show of support for the incumbent POTUS. Here is a selection:

Other social media users have vowed to pull a Goya and ring up some purchases at Hobby Lobby, which — it turns out — is open on Labor Day.



Hobby Lobby CEO David Green endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Robert Jonathan


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