Jemele Hill announces she will lie about ‘nice guy’ Travis Tritt after he teams up with James Woods

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For those who’ve been paying attention, the fact that hard-left sports writer Jemele Hill would target white males comes as no surprise.

Hill, a race-baiter gifted to the world by the left-leaning sports network ESPN, has long since proven that she’s incapable of seeing the world through anything but a prism of color.

But to see Hill publicly declare that she’ll lie about someone who does not share her radical political views is something to behold — at least, it is for anyone outside the liberal media complex.

Hill tweeted Sunday that actor James Woods and country music star Travis Tritt have blocked her, taking exception to their display of good sense in jettisoning the raging liberal.

In doing so, Hill brazenly declared that she will “re-tell” an earlier encounter with Tritt, where she found him to be a “nice guy,” and now “make him seem like a huge asshole.”

“I’ve been blocked by both James Woods and Travis Tritt,” she tweeted. “Had anyone asked me about Travis Tritt before today I would have said he was a nice guy based off meeting him at the Kentucky Derby a few years ago. Now I’m going to re-tell that story and make him seem like a huge asshole.”

The deciding factor in such a proclamation is that Tritt blocked her. Yet, those on the left will continue to prop up Hill as a rational voice in the so-called struggle for racial justice.

A more important factor may be why Hill was blocked.

Woods shared a tweet recently with his 2.5 million followers detailing a process to ID people to block.

As seen below, he urges followers to type in the hashtag #Resist, which represents the unhinged effort on the left to undermine President Trump, and block the people who come up.

Tritt cited Woods in a tweet of his own, encouraging folks to employ the method to block 20 #Resist lemmings a day.

The question here is did Woods and Tritt opt to block Hill because her name came up when searching the #Resist hashtag?

Or was it a decision based on her rich history of stoking racial discord in America?

The Trump-hating sports writer tweeted Sunday that “the majority of white people support a clown,” while sharing a CNN story on the president taking a stand against the federal government propagating the left’s toxic “critical race theory.”

Perusing Hill’s thread showcases the pure, unadulterated hatred on the left, and the vast numbers quick to support her helps explain how she remains relevant in today’s society — which is sometimes referred to as post-Obama America.

To save readers from being subjected to the abuse, one such tweet sums up what to expect — Caution, Strong Language:

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