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BLM road-blockers lose battle with one angry black woman motorist who wasn’t having any of it

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There’s a lot going on in a video of a black woman confronting mostly white Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland over the weekend, .

The intense footage captures the insanity that plays out daily in the city, as impotent Democratic officials sit idly by.

With Sunday marking the 101st consecutive day of lawlessness in Portland streets, the radical protesters were in the streets blocking traffic — this being a go-to tactic on the left.

But a strong-willed black motorist was having no part of their shenanigans.

“Move — get out of the way!” the woman yelled.

A young white male stands in front of her car and informs her, “This is a non-violent protest.”

“You’re setting fires in the street. No, that’s violence,” the woman responded.

Clearly tired of their antics, she continues to tell the protesters to move, “Get your *ss away from over here. Move!”

A female protester is heard telling the woman to turn around, as a young man tells her that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

A black protester approached the drivers side window and the woman told him, “They ask me to come over here, now they see how ignorant this looks — you don’t let somebody call me a f*cking n*gger b*tch. You don’t want no race war out here.”

The black man insisted no one said anything like that, but the woman can be heard having an exchange with someone about being calling that. She even threw a name out.

One of the protesters told the woman to stop pushing them with her car and a heated exchange took place when she got out and let them know in no uncertain terms that if she was pushing them they would know it.

It was at this point that the black man exerted himself, telling the white protesters in front of the car to “shut the f*ck up” and get out of the way.

“We’ve got to get this woman out of here safely,” he said.

Reluctantly, the white sea obediently parted as the black activist personally escorted the vehicle through the mob.

While some may suggest the end result was race-based privilege at play, there have been numerous videos over the past few months of white drivers being pummeled by BLM mobs should they dare get out of their vehicles.

In some cases, drivers were even pulled from their vehicles and stomped in the street.

In fact, such an occurrence recently happened in Portland, when a white man was seriously injured by a mob after he crashed his truck in the downtown area. Disturbing footage showed the driver being attacked just blocks from the federal courthouse, as he was pulled from his vehicle and slammed to the ground.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter, with a common theme being the woman’s race and how that factored in.

Tom Tillison


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