Jesse Watters warns there’s a ‘mysterious’ campaign underway to program Americans ahead of election

Fox News host Jesse Watters warned “Watters’ World” viewers Saturday that there’s a campaign underway to program Americans.

“Something very mysterious is happening here in America. There is a campaign to program you,” he insisted. “You’re being told not to trust what you see with your own eyes. If you hear something, you’re told you didn’t actually hear it. If you feel something, you are shamed into not trusting your instincts.”

Watters explained that the campaign is “deeper” and “more sophisticated” than your typical lie. He pointed to Democratic nominee Joe Biden ignoring all the destructive riots taking place over the summer, saying the former vice president was counting on this energy to carry him to victory in November.

“So, besides Fox, national TV stations didn’t show videos of the rioting, looting and shooting,” he said. “When they referenced it, they called it mostly peaceful. But local news showed it every night. It went viral on social media and the people who lived in the path of destruction experienced it firsthand.”

“Joe Biden didn’t say a word about this until CNN told him it was hurting his chance of winning,” Watters added, as he played of clip of Don Lemon sounding the warning.

Noting that Biden showed up in Kenosha, Wisc., after the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, as he attempted to enter his vehicle after fighting with them, Watters shared with his viewers that “nobody was there to greet him.”

“They tell you Biden is winning. But where are his voters? Biden spoke at a church, but there were only about 8 people there. Earlier in the week he spoke in Pennsylvania and there were zero voters there — just six members of the media, who agreed not to ask him questions,” he observed.

“They’re pretending something is out there that you cannot see,” Watters said.

Pointing to Biden relentlessly wearing a face mask, Watters said, “He’s running on a pandemic that’s fading so he needs to keep up appearances. If Biden wears a mask at all times even when he doesn’t have to, you think the pandemic is worse than it is.”

Watters goes on to suggest that “something sinister is going on here,” after he noted that corporate America has backed the Black Lives Matter movement, even as rioters burned down many of the small businesses competing with them.

And, when all is said and done, Biden and the left then blames President Trump.

“Does this make any logical sense to you?” Watters asked viewers. “Democrats rioting in Democratic cities, while Democrats do nothing to stop it is the reason to vote Democrat?”

He noted that Biden’s response to the Antifa gunman who shot and killed a Trump supporter in Portland did not even mention the domestic terrorist group, but Biden did ask if we’re safe in “Trump’s America” while insisting that the violence will only continue if the president is reelected.

“Biden is tacitly acknowledging that Democrats are committing crime and says we’ll stop committing crimes if you vote for me,” Watters explains. “That’s extortion. Biden is putting a gun to America’s head and demanding votes for ransom. Then the media tells you Trump is the one making it worse.”

Calling it “a bait and switch to get you to blame the president,” the Fox News host explained, “This is an arrogance built on power, the power to control the message through a corrupt media. To make you doubt what you see, to make you question it.”

While Democrats and their media allies accuse President Trump of “fanning the flames of violence,” Watters laid out example after example of the left doing just that.

He then offered a word of encouragement, along with a warning.

“This country cannot be programmed. There is Fox News, for one, and there are too many independent thinkers, too many cynics and patriots,” Watters concluded. “The left underestimated you, but they are not done yet.”

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