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BLM protesters swarm Rochester restaurant, flip tables, throw chairs, chase away terrified customers

Rochester riots black lives matter restaurant break tables
Black Lives Matter thugs mobbed a Rochester restaurant and terrified customers in the name of “racial justice.” (screenshot)

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Black Lives Matter rioters in Rochester, New York continued their anti-police protests for the third day following the release of a chilling video featuring Daniel Prude, a black man who died in a hospital in March — one week after being arrested.

Last night, a BLM mob swarmed a local restaurant, flipped tables, threw chairs, and scared patrons away in the name of “black lives mattering.”

The previous two days, Black Lives Matter rioters set fires, vandalized property, and assaulted random police officers to protest the death of Daniel Prude.

In a disturbing video from Friday, left-wing thugs are seen terrifying customers at a restaurant while ominously waving “Black Lives Matter” flags and signs.

The rioters flipped tables, hurled chairs, and yelled at patrons while shouting “Black Lives Matter!” and “We’re shutting the party down!”

The left-wing mob also tore down makeshift outdoor tables and set off firecrackers on nearby streets as bystanders looked on in horror.

Restaurant customers who were seated both indoors and outdoors ran away in fear.

(Source: Twitter)

The left-wing thugs also set fire to a local bus stop.

Hours before the BLM mob swarmed the restaurant, the president of Rochester’s police union, Michael Mazzeo, defended the seven officers involved in Prude’s arrest.

Mazzeo said the police followed protocol when they placed a “spit bag” over Prude’s head during his arrest. The spit bag is used to protect police from getting infected with the coronavirus from the suspect’s saliva.

Daniel Prude had told the police that he was infected with the coronavirus. That’s why they put the spit hood over his head. During his arrest, one officer is heard saying to Prude: “Stop spitting.”

Mazzeo explained: “An officer doesn’t have the ability to go off-script. They have to follow protocol and do what they are trained to do. It looks like they watched training and followed it step-by-step. If there’s a problem with that (training), let’s change it.”

Earlier this week, Rochester’s Democrat mayor Lovely Warren suspended the seven officers, pending an investigation.

rochester police chief La'Ron Singletary mayor Lovely Warren
Rage against The System: Rochester’s Police Chief, La’Ron Singletary, and its Democrat mayor, Lovely Warren, are both black. (screenshot)

Prude, 41, died on March 30 — seven days after the confrontation with police, where he was caught running naked through the streets. Prude reportedly suffered from a mental illness as well as drug use.

A post-mortem examination ruled Prude’s death a homicide caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint.” It also listed PCP — a hallucinogenic drug that causes violent behavior — as a complication that led to Prude’s death.

Predictably, leftists downplayed the latest BLM violence, while law-abiding Americans condemned it and warned that it’s a preview of things to come.

Michelle Malkin tweeted: “Remember when the Anti-Defamation League smeared me as a “racist white supremacist conspiracy theorist” for warning the mob was coming to suburbs, flyover country and white neighborhoods? I do.”

A Twitter user sarcastically remarked: “Just remember that the violence and destruction is your fault, because you are insufficiently anti-racist. Please internalize your white guilt and vote Biden, so Dems can go back to ignoring black people until 2024.”


He sardonically added: “Any destruction from the “Rochester Protest” is your fault. Sure you’ve voted Democrat the last 30 years and your mayor is an African-American female Democrat, but that’s not enough. You need to hate yourselves harder.”


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