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‘Joe Biden, beware!’ Another night of obnoxious protesters has diners seeing – and likely voting – RED

black lives matter antifa mob bullying restaurants
Washington DC sees another night of thugs terrorizing diners while they are out to eat.

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Political commentators warn Democrats that Black Lives Matter’s mob-bullying of random people and attacks on Trump supporters will backfire bigly on them, since it’s igniting support for President Trump.

During the past three months, BLM and Antifa thugs have threatened, beaten, and bullied Trump supporters and everyday Americans, trying to get them to bend the knee to their mob tactics.

One example is the escalating harassment of random people eating at restaurants.

Here’s an alarming video showing aggressive BLM protesters threatening and harassing diners in Washington, D.C., a liberal city populated by Democrats.


Fox News analyst Geraldo Rivera warned: “Joe Biden, beware. Every one of these obnoxious assaults is a vote for Donald Trump.”

One Twitter user quipped: “Creating new Trump voters, one table at a time.”

Another agreed: “They’ll be voting red in November.”

Trump supporter Tara LaRosa remarked: “This is not the way to win friends and influence people.”

A Twitter follower replied: “They’re doing campaign work for Trump and they don’t even realize it.”


Black Lives Matter rioters torched this small business even though it displayed a large pro-BLM sign saying it supports the black community.

Attorney and radio host Larry Elder shared this image spotlighting Black Lives Matter’s hypocrisy.

It’s a cartoon showing that black lives only matter to BLM Marxists when it involves a white cop. When it involves the alarming epidemic of black-on-black murders, BLM activists don’t care.

black lives matter only white police
(Source: Twitter)

New polls now show President Trump leading Joe Biden in the polls — both nationally and in key battleground states.

This is a dramatic reversal from the past few months, when Trump was lagging far behind Biden.

Many political commentators — including CNN’s Don Lemon — have warned Democrats that the nonstop left-wing violence is alienating voters, and causing many of them to turn on Biden.

Lifelong Democrats Vernon Jones and Leo Terrell are both voting for President Trump in November.

“This extreme side of the Democratic Party is a cancer,” Terrell told Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro. “They hate everybody. Joe Biden has made a deal with this extremist group. You have the president talking about law and order. This group does not want and order, they want chaos. The president is going to Wisconsin to talk to law enforcement. Joe Biden will have to get permission from Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists.”

Terrell continued: “Black Lives Matter is a joke because they only care about those individuals who they can make a profit from. This group is chaos. It is a cancer on this country.”

Trump rips CNN for blaming his supporters for violence: YOUR supporters killed a man!


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