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Lincoln Project reports falsely that someone shouted ‘monkey!’ when Trump mentioned Obama

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The Lincoln Project and others falsely accused someone at the Republican National Convention of shouting “Monkey!” when President Trump named former President Obama in his speech.

The anti-Trump political action committee backtracked and removed a tweet after thousands of views which showed a video clip from the president’s speech on the opening night of the Republican event in Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday.

The president had been speaking on the Obama administration and its spying on his 2016 campaign when someone in the audience yelled out, “spygate” while another voice was heard saying, “Sleepy Joe!”

“Let’s be nice. Biden…This could only happen in North Carolina,” Trump joked after a pause in his remarks.

“Drain the swamp!” another person yelled.

The video clip was posted by the Trump campaign on Monday afternoon and a short time later, the Lincoln Project posted a version of the video as well, making the claim about someone yelling “monkey” and claiming Trump “relished in” the comment.

“When President Trump mentioned Obama, someone from the crowd shouted, ‘Monkey!’ and the president relished in it. Disgusting. Do you approve of this @ThomTillis?” the tweet read, referring to the GOP U.S. Senator for North Carolina.

As the tweet took off on social media and garnered thousands of views, the Trump campaign fired back, informing the group: “This is false. He shouted ‘spygate.'”

The Lincoln Project eventually deleted the tweet but only after another jab and an attempt to defend their smear in the back and forth.

But others had jumped on the smear train and also spread the false accusation. An account of the moment was reported in a piece on the Raw Story website as well as on Talking Points Memo.

NBC News and the Guardian also ran with the narrative, as Jessica Chasamr with the Washington Times noted.

And many others could not simply admit what was said, choosing to find a way to hold Trump at fault anyway.

Some tried to make a game out of the debate over what was said and what people were hearing in the video clip.

But it was clear that the accusations were not correct and even on the left, the Lincoln Project’s take was called out. Vox journalist Aaron Rupar, no fan of the president’s, noted the undeniable facts.

As one after another tweet spreading the false smear ended up being deleted, Twitter users slammed the “Lying morons” from the Lincoln Project.

Frieda Powers


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