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Naughty Joe? Biden accused of plagiarism after DNC speech

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Accusations have surfaced that Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is a “lying, dog-faced” plagiarist.

The first person whom Biden allegedly plagiarized is deceased former Canadian political figure John Gilbert “Jack” Layton.

Just prior to his death in 2011, the former New Democratic Party leader reportedly penned a letter to the Canadian people that contained these poignant words: “My friends, love is better than anger, hope is better than fear, optimism is better than despair, so let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic, and we’ll change the world”

The italicized portions of the statement above drew attention because, according to some critics, they too closely resembled some of what Biden had said Thursday while delivering his acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention.

“Let us begin you and I together, one nation, under God, united in our love for America, united in our love for each other. For love is more powerful than hate, hope is more powerful than fear, and light is more powerful than dark,” he’d said.


The similarly struck many Canadians as odd, according to CBC News Washington correspondent Alexander Panetta.


As Biden’s speech began to trend in Canada, so did accusations that “lying Biden” had shamelessly plagiarized Layton’s final statement to the world. It didn’t help that he chose to double down on the quote by sharing it to Twitter without giving credit.


The next person whom Biden allegedly plagiarized during his acceptance speech is 2008 Democrat vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Confused? Watch the video below, and you won’t be anymore:

Parts of his speech were near-verbatim copies of what he’d said at the Democrat National Convention exactly 12 years ago.

The similarities between what he’d said then and what he said Thursday were so striking that even Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade took note.


Biden has a long history of plagiarism.

While sparring with a reporter during his first presidential run in the 1988 race, then-Sen. Biden claimed he’d finished at the top of his class in law school.


That was a lie. In reality, he graduated near the bottom of his class with a single degree, ranking 76th in a class of eighty-five at the University of Syracuse Law School

He was also exposed for having used quotes from Bobby Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, and others while delivering a speech during that same presidential run.


According to The Washington Post, being exposed for plagiarizing “effectively led to him dropping out of the race.”

And well, since he’s been exposed for plagiarizing again, perhaps he should drop out again? Just a thought.

Vivek Saxena


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