‘Only white people worry about this’: Alleged BLM supporters defend sickening torture of frightened raccoon

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On the same night that former President Barack Hussein Obama spoke at the Democrat National Convention in defense of so-called “peaceful” Black Lives Matter “protesters,” a number of alleged BLM extremists rushed to defend a group of street hoodlums who’d been recorded beating and torturing a raccoon to death.

Watch that video below (*Extremely graphic content):

The video appeared to show a motorist deliberately running over a raccoon and then bat-wielding hoodlums beating the raccoon to death.

The video first appeared because of a Twitter user named “Lil Rico” who shared the video to his account and added the caption, “Raccoon VS The Block.”


After backlash erupted, he deleted the tweet and began claiming that he hadn’t witnessed the raccoon be killed. To hear him tell it, he’d found the original video elsewhere and then “screen recorded” it for reasons that remain unclear.

While he’s claimed in tweets that he doesn’t personally abuse animals, his lack of sympathy for the raccoon seems telling.

Look: (** Language warning)

He seemed to be defending the inordinately cruel behavior, though he wasn’t alone.

A number of Twitter users tried to downplay the cruelty of the hoodlums by invoking the radical Black Lives Movement movement, including a social media user named James Blue, who goes by the alias BlueBlack800 on Twitter and Instagram.

In since-deleted posts to Instagram, he suggested he’d been the one who recorded the video – “I’ve videotaped it,” he wrote — and then defended it by invoking BLM.

I’ve videotaped it worry about your president the dumb s–t he did you come get me Black Lives Matter worry about the police killing Black people they treating us like animals I would videotape it,” he wrote.

Look at his posts below:

According to “Lite Pimp,” the social media sleuth who discovered all this, Blue’s niece, Nyria, was just as defensive of the animal abusers.


Both Blue and his niece have deleted their social media accounts, so there’s no way to verify whether the reporting by “Lite Pimp” is accurate.

Nevertheless, the dismissive attitude they seemed to display correlates perfectly with the dismissive attitude BLM has about crime in general.

Ever since the George Floyd riots erupted in May, BLM extremists have defended looting, rioting and other sinister crimes on the basis that their alleged pain and anger justifies anything.

Like one BLM leader in Portland, Oregon bluntly explained during a “protest” this week, she’s willing to achieve her demented brand of “justice” “by any means necessary.”


And apparently, beating and torturing an innocent raccoon to death for the alleged crime of unknowingly digging through — or “stealing,” as “Lil Rico” put it — people’s trash is perfectly fine. Yet holding BLM extremists accountable for purposefully looting, vandalizing and burning down people’s businesses and property is somehow wrong.

It seems like the value system — or lack thereof — of the BLM movement is extraordinarily backward, which raises the question of why so many Democrats, including former President Obama, support the movement so vehemently.

After all, to hear Democrats and their media allies tell it, every BLM looter, rioter and extremist is just a “peaceful protester,” and rioting “is the language of the unheard.”

Yet it seems the only one whose cries of anguish actually went unheard — unlike the belligerent cries of the BLM movement, which have been acknowledged by many institutions and corporations in America — is the raccoon …

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