Defeated Seattle cop tells BLM protester berating him that he’s resigning: ‘I’m leaving, you guys won’

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A Seattle police officer appears to tell a Black Lives Matter protester that he’s going to resign from the department in a video that has gone viral just days after the city’s police chief announced she was quitting.

“I’m leaving. You guys won,” the officer is heard saying, though not all of the details are clear at this point.

The officer, who is not identified in the clip, is seen cruising up in a police vehicle next to a protester and rolling down his window before sarcastically asking, “How’s your day going today, bud?”

The protester responds, “Not really, you’re around.”

**Warning: Strong language

At that, the officer says he has good news for the demonstrator.

“I’m sorry for that. But just don’t worry man, ’cause guess what?” he says. “I’m leaving. You guys won. F***ing two months, baby, and I’m out.”

“You’re about to resign?” the demonstrator asks.

“I’m f**king gone, bro,” the officer responds.

“How you feeling about that?” The protester asked.

“I’m feeling great,” the officer says.

After a little back-and-forth, the protester asks if the officer is “just tired of police brutality,” but the officer points instead at protesters out of the camera’s view.

“Oh, us,” the demonstrator says.

As the officer becomes distracted by what appears to be other protesters, the demonstrator announces that the officer told him he is resigning “because of Black Lives Matter.”

“Hey, you triggered? You triggered, boy? Oink, oink. F**k you and your blue life, boy,” the protester says to the officer.

“We’ll never be friends. We’ll never see eye-to-eye,” the demonstrator added, as the officer rolled up his window and began to leave.

The encounter between the Seattle cop and the demonstrator comes just days after Police Chief Carmen Best, the city’s first black female to hold the position, resigned after city council members voted to slash her salary and cut around 100 officers.

“I wanted you to hear this from me, but some media have reached this conclusion on their own,” Best wrote in an email to the council. “This was a difficult decision for me, but when it’s time, it’s time.”

She went on to say that “the vast majority of people in Seattle support you and appreciate you.”

Last month, Seattle talk radio host Jason Rantz reported that the city’s police department was experiencing a “mass exodus” as “nearly 40 Seattle Police Department officers applied to work for the King County Sheriff’s Department,” while the “Everett Police Department saw over 30 applications.”

As the council moves ahead with its plans to slash the police budget, Rantz noted, “the council may not have to push too hard to get rid of the police officers. They’re leaving on their own.”

That follows a trend. Rantz reported a similar “exodus” in June 2018, as officers bailed “due to a lack of support from the city, an aggressive Office of Professional Accountability, and toxic city politics.”

Seattle is not the only department to see a dramatic number of departures in the current BLM-led ‘defund the police’ environment. Officers all over the country are either retiring or resigning, and while many will seek employment with departments not caught up in the ‘defund’ movement, many others will simply leave the field altogether.

Recent surveys have shown that by far, most Americans do not support defunding and eliminating police departments.

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