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CNN poll sees 10 point shift in Trump’s favor

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Good news for the reelection chances of President Donald Trump from  CNN, of all places.

In a random telephone sample of about 1,000 registered voters conducted by CNN, presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead, or alleged lead, over Trump has narrowed substantially, with the momentum heading in Trump’s direction.

The CNN data found that just 50 percent of the respondents now favor Biden/Harris and 46 percent backed Trump/Pence. Biden was up by 14 points in a prior CNN poll.

In addition, in 15 battleground states that will likely hand the White House to either Trump or Biden, the two candidates are now essentially deadlocked, with Biden at 49 percent as compared to Trump with 48 percent.

With an acknowledged margin of error in the roughly 4-to-5 percent range, the CNN result could be an outlier as compared to a series of polls showing Biden winning, or in the alternative, Trump may have pulled ahead even by CNN’s standards.

The survey is particularly surprising in that it comes from CNN with its 24/7 anti-Trump vendetta. Moreover, the registered voter cohort is generally considered unreliable metric as opposed to voters who actually plan to cast a ballot, suggesting that the Trump surge could be even larger.

Plus, you have to wonder, especially in the cancel culture environment, whether Trump-leaning voters would reveal their true intentions to a stranger on the telephone.

Trump has implied that the silent majority, or maybe the not-so-silent majority, will carry him to victory in November. Although these are unprecedented times, historically it is very difficult to dislodge an incumbent, although George H.W. Bush figured out a way to lose to Bill Clinton.

According to the Real Clear Politics aggregate of seven national polls, Biden leads Trump by 7.5 percent. Apart from Rasmussen, however, most pollsters seem to be oversampling Democrats for reasons of their own, ideological, financial, or otherwise. Along these lines, they’ve been accused of gaslighting the American people as a way to depress GOP turnout.

Recall that virtually every polling organization and so-called political expert claimed that Hillary Clinton was a lock to win the presidency in 2016.

And as alluded to above, however, national data is essentially meaningless because the presidential vote is a state-by-state contest ultimately decided in the electoral college process.

It’s often said that the only poll that matters is the one taken on Election Day. With universal mail-in voting, and ballots showing up days later, that may no longer be true.

Unlike traditional Republicans, Trump appears to have gained ground among minority voters, which also could help carry him to victory. Trump was a Democrat and an independent before running for president on the GOP ticket in 2016.

Here is a sample of what some Twitter users are thinking about the CNN poll:

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