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Shirtless hotshot cries for ‘medic’ after he gets maced by cops repeatedly for rushing at them…repeatedly

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A couple of Black Lives Matter or Antifa extremists in Portland who thought they were some sort of tough guys wound up needing a medic and then their mommies. Awww.

Video footage recorded Saturday from yet another riot in Portland, Oregon showed one of the extremists, some shirtless hotshot, talking trash to the cops and then rushing them as if he wasn’t some punk kid who appeared to weigh less than 150 pounds.

Watch what happened next (*Language and graphic content):

Apparently, the kid saw the cops speaking to or possibly apprehending his girlfriend, and that triggered him into rushing them like a bull.

In response, the officers maced him. He tried rushing them again, so they maced him again. His pals then began screaming, “Medic! We need a medic!”

Newsflash: This isn’t the Vietnam War, kids …

Still convinced he was tough, the kid then tried approaching the cops again, only to be slammed hard with what appeared to be a pepper ball.

While it was enough to force him to the ground like a whipped dog, it wasn’t enough to dissuade the youth from the delusional belief that he’s hard.

“You f–king touch her, I’ll kill you!” he began yelling at the cops as two of his buddies helped him off the ground and then began walking him off away from the police.

That’s called a threat, young man, and threatening the police is quite illegal.

And that was when the clearly fed-up police finally had enough and decided to chase the three punks, tackle them to the ground and arrest their butts as they squealed “HELP!”

(Video screenshot)

Sorry kids, but did you think you’re tough!? REALLY?

The clip has gone uber viral on social media and triggered mass cheers and mockery, because who doesn’t love a story with a happy ending?

Look: (** Language warning)

According to reporting from Kalen D’Almeida, the founder of Scriberr News, and renowned journalist Andy Ngo, the whole evening was rocked by childish, obnoxious antics and stunts from extremists like the punks seen above.

At one point, the extremists harassed a couple of actual peaceful protesters who’d apparently shown up to protest the extremists’ fascist behavior:

There were so many incidents that 60 emergency 911 calls wound up going “unheeded” because local authorities were too busy quelling the riots, according to Fox News.

Speaking of which, see more footage below of local cops putting these extremists in their well-deserved place:

Newsflash to BLM and Antifa extremists: Yelling profanity at the police and playing rap music really loud doesn’t make you tough.

Vivek Saxena


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