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‘Hexit’: Rich elites flee liberal-run Hollywood hellhole, celebs take losses on homes to get out

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Los Angeles elitists are fleeing their once-fancy enclaves after finally realizing that their wealth can longer insulate thems and their upscale neighborhoods from rampant urban decay, which includes out-of-control homelessness and random street violence.

The owner of a moving company who is apparently cashing in on what might be called “Hexit” told the Daily Mail that prominent people are leaving in droves.

“There is a mass exodus from Hollywood, and a lot of it is to do with politics…Liberal politics has destroyed this city. The homeless encampments are legal and there’s nothing the police can do. White, affluent middle-class folk are getting out. People don’t feel safe anymore.”

The businessman revealed that he himself is leaving for Tennessee.

“Stretches of Hollywood Boulevard – embedded with glittering stars representing those who achieved their dream of fame and fortune – resemble a Third World shantytown rather than the heart of America’s second-largest city…The Westwood area of LA, home to some of the most upmarket blocks of flats in the city, has been renamed ‘West Hood’ by locals appalled by rising crime,” the news outlet added.

Middle-class taxpayers are also trying to escape from L.A., plus the once-lucrative tourism industry is tanking over safety concerns.

Thanks to the voting and political contribution patterns of well-to-do limousine liberals (known in the U.K. as champagne socialists), the formerly Golden State is under a death grip of far-left Democrats consisting of Gov. Gavin Newsom, the state legislature, and Mayor Gil Garcetti who are presiding over a dystopian nightmare with no law and order.

Democrat politicians seemed obsessed with trying to regulate the activities law-abiding citizens while letting lawbreakers run wild.

Podcast king Joe Rogan recently announced that he is leaving southern California for Texas, citing high taxes, overcrowding (including the accelerating homeless issue), and as a desire for more freedom as part of his reasoning to relocate.

As alluded to above, Tennessee is also becoming a popular landing spot for rich celebrities and others.

Residents of prosperous red states obviously hope that newcomers, including those vocal celebrities and less-known individuals suffering from Trump derangement syndrome, wake up and leave their liberal politics behind because it makes no sense to move to Texas, Tennessee, Florida, or elsewhere and try to usher in a woke agenda that ruined their former home states.

Commenting on the dismal state of affairs, an entertainment industry publicist explained that the stench of urine has replaced the traditional scent of orange blossoms in Los Angeles.

“Hollywood has always been the wokest of the woke, so politicians have done nothing to stop people sleeping on the streets,” he added.

“It’s not illegal and the weather’s nice, so they keep coming. There is insufficient housing, inadequate mental health care. Add in Covid and it’s a perfect storm…The elites and middle classes are leaving. People are taking losses on the sales of their homes to get out.’

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