Bully-citizen ambushes tiny family wedding on Hawaii’s Covid-closed beach: ‘enough of this s–t’

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A video circulating on social media shows a “nasty” woman berating a black couple and their wedding officiant for the alleged crime of getting married on a beach in Hawaii where all “activities” besides walking are currently not allowed.


According to reports, the footage likely originated from Honolulu’s Waimānalo Beach, which was shuttered earlier this month by Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell because of an alleged uptick in the coronavirus.

“[A] new executive order will be in effect at midnight on Friday through September 5 closing all county and state parks, as well as the beaches fronting them,” CNN reported on the 7th.

“No activities will be allowed on the beach or in the parks but people will be allowed to walk on the beach to get to the water for surfing, fishing, paddling and diving, Caldwell said.”

Apparently, the camerawomen, aka “Keisha,” took the ordinance to heart. So much so that she felt it perfectly appropriate to ruin a wedding.

The irony was that she tried to sound so blasé about it.

“I’m trying not to be really rude,” she obliviously said.

Why didn’t she mind her own business then?

“I don’t want to be rude, but I had enough of this s–t,” she added.

Fair enough, but it looks like the public has had enough of HER “s–t.”

Look (*Language warning):

The latter Twitter user wasn’t wrong about the woman “still” being “nasty” despite the couple choosing to not “argue with her.”

Not only did she follow them as they tried to walk away, but she gleefully said, “She’s going to get arrested too pretty soon,” presumably in reference to the bride.

She also castigated the wedding officiant because apparently he’s been performing beach marriages on a regular basis.

“You always doing this for money!” she angrily said to him.

One would think she’d have a little bit more empathy given the employment woes being felt by so many Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The cops is coming for you!” she gloatingly added.

It’s unclear how the situation eventually panned out and whether or not the couple ever tied the knot.

Despite a large number of social media users siding against the nasty woman, some did take her side:

It’s not clear whether these “Obey The Law” types feel the same way about all the Black Lives Matter riots that have erupted across America, including in Honolulu:

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