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Bob Beckel takes ill-advised, profane jab at Trump-supporting James Woods — BIG mistake

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Political pundit Bob Beckel tried and failed to get under the skin of James Woods when he inserted himself into a social media attack on the conservative actor.

The twice-fired Fox News political analyst blasted Woods as a “sellout,” among other things, for a tweet supporting President Donald Trump which sent the left into a meltdown this week. Woods’ tweet had already set off the critics when the president further ignited Twitter with a direct thanks.

“This is our last stand, folks,” Woods, an outspoken Trump supporter, tweeted on Wednesday, along with a White House picture of the president.

“And here’s your last defender. If they take him down, America is gone forever,” he wrote. “Vote for @realDonaldTrump like your life depends on it.”

Cue the backlash.

The actor’s name began trending on Twitter amid the fury of the left. Soon, Beckel’s voice joined the cacophony, asking how Woods had turned into “such an a–hole.”

“You’re a smart guy one of the smartest in the world and you side with this idiot. Woods you are a sell out,” the 71-year-old tweeted.

But Woods, who regularly skewers his social media critics with surgical precision, opted for a different tactic with Beckel, who was terminated by Fox News in 2017 “for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee.”

“Your brother Graham is one of the finest men I know, and one of my dearest friends. I’ll do him the courtesy of letting this slide. I know he’s embarrassed enough,” Woods responded, adding, “Have a nice day. #INSTABLOCK.”

Needless to say, many of Woods’ 2.5 million Twitter followers loved the exchange.

And plenty of others slammed Beckel for his ignorance.

Woods initially set off the liberal haters with his tweet earlier this week, warning that this election in November may be the “last stand” for Americans who love their country. The president apparently agreed.

The triggered Twitter users responded as expected.

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