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Candace Owens blasts ‘white supremacists running Dem Party’ for what they are teaching black children

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Conservative commentator Candace Owens called out “the true white supremacists” running the Democratic Party for destroying black America.

Owens addressed the latest efforts by Democrats to negatively impact the black community, noting in a tweet accompanying a recent interview that they are well aware that “ignorance guarantees them votes.”

“Black children are now learning that the nuclear family, traditional values, and academic success are tacit forms of ‘white supremacy,'” Owens wrote in the caption of the tweet she posted Monday.

The conservative activist spoke about this narrative with the Daily Caller’s editorial director Vince Coglianese, as he brought up the controversial “whiteness” chart recently on display at the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of African American History.

Claiming that valuing “the nuclear family,” or “objective, rational, linear thinking” were signs of “white culture,” the poster was eventually removed last month after backlash from many, including Donald Trump Jr.

Owens pointed out that the episode proved again that “they’re trying to destroy black America.”

“And I shouldn’t even say trying, they’ve successfully destroyed black America, and they’ve done it via culture,” she added. “They’ve done it by telling kids that there’s something wrong with aspiring to do things right.”

A recent example, Owens noted, could be seen in the announcement by Rutgers University’s English department to address “social justice” and “critical grammar.” The department declared that correct grammar puts some students at a disadvantage and in order to “stand with and respond” to the Black Lives Matter movement, changes would be made to the Graduate Writing Program, with the introduction of “workshops on social justice and writing.”

Owens noted how the move is a push to get black Americans to “develop their own subculture, apart from white American culture.”

“The problem is that this idea of separation, and not actually rising to the challenge and getting smarter and competing and learning proper English, there’s never been any group of people that have lagged behind another group of people that have gotten ahead by this method,” she said.

“Over and over again, history teaches us this lesson, that the only way to get ahead is through hard work,” she continued.

“So what happens when you look at a group like black Americans  and you say to them, ‘actually, no work. You shouldn’t have to do any work. It should just be handed to you on a silver platter,'” Owens said. “They’re going to fail. And that’s exactly what’s happening, we’re floundering.”

She went on to call out the left’s agenda in pushing certain ideas and cultural changes, warning that the steady attack on the nuclear family has long-term consequences.

“The breakdown of family is going to keep going up until people start speaking up and rejecting this narrative,” she said.

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