BLM does night-march through upscale Georgetown to wake white rich people guilty of trying to sleep

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In a scenario that gives a new meaning to the term “woke,” BLM protesters staged a late-night, raucous march through the Washington, D.C., upscale Georgetown residential enclave.

The noisy midnight event, which was captured on a series of Twitter video clips by various individuals, prompting Newsmax correspondent Emerald Robinson to quip that “Unemployed interns from the Obama Administration decided to march through the neighborhood of their parents last night asking for an increase in their monthly allowance.”

BLM protests ordinarily occur in downtown areas, so this turnout may represent a shift in tactics from assembling in commercial districts to showing up at people’s homes to put forth the social justice message.

Separately, when Antifa showed up at Fort Collins, Colo., residential neighborhood, it didn’t go well for them.

Assisted by megaphones and cymbals, the D.C. BLM demonstrators chanted “if we don’t get no justice, then you won’t get no sleep,” among other things, as they conducted their march.

At one point, they also repeated “we shut this down” over and over, as well as simply “get up,” with a few expletives thrown in for good measure.

A similar “no justice, no sleep” mantra also appeared to be in play.

D.C. is a solid Democrat city, and Georgetown is a liberal precinct where many progressive-oriented politicians and political operatives live.

Thus, it is far from evident how the BLM protesters are winning friends and influencing people by interrupting the Deep State’s deep sleep.

In one video, one or more of the marchers say “Black Lives are mattering right out here, but you have to wake up to see it.” (**Warning for language)

History has shown that most of the police brutality incidents have occurred in municipalities controlled by Democrats for decades.

That aside, many Twitter users were quick to pick up on the irony of the situation specifically in regard to Georgetown. Here is a sample.

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