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Antifa gets WRECKED in Colorado neighborhood: ‘You guys came to the wrong city, boys and girls’

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(Video screenshot)

While it’s certainly easy picking on and beating up elderly people, one group of black-clad Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists just learned the hard way that it ain’t so easy picking on and beating up grown, die-hard American patriots.

During a pro-police rally Saturday in Fort Collins, Colorado, a contingent of left-wing extremists reportedly showed up and stepped into the neighborhood across from the Fort Collins Police Services building where the rally was being held.

In response, the rallygoers apparently rushed into the neighborhood and chased the extremists right out, but not without first treating them to some fist sandwiches.

Watch (*Graphic content):

The video began with the rallygoers slowly pushing the extremists — or “commie scum,” as they called them — out of the neighborhood.

“So, we are currently marching the Antifa commie bas****s out of the neighborhood because nobody wants Antifa in the neighborhood. Nobody wants them here, so we’re marching them out,” the guy recording the video narrated.

Around the 1:15 mark in the video above, a fight broke out, prompting the narrator to hilariously exclaim, “Oh s–t, here we go!”

What followed was an epic beatdown during which the lanky extremists got wrecked.

“You guys came to the wrong city, boys and girls,” the camera guy yelled.

Yes, they did.

See the footage from a more close-up angle below (Note 8/10/20: It appears the close-up footage was deleted by the Antifa-allied bystander who recorded it.):


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At one point, one of the extremists tried pulling out his knife, but it was quickly confiscated from him.

“Everybody keep their hands off their weapons. Keep punching each other in the face. Just don’t shoot anybody,” one of the rallygoers then advised.

For the most part, the rallygoers — most of them burly men with broad chests and even wider backs — didn’t look like they were struggling even an iota.

The fight concluded with the rallygoers pulling the extremists off the ground to send them on their way, all as one woman asked, “Is that what you really wanted?”

Apparently so, because according to the rallygoers, the extremists had attacked a guy in a wheelchair, which is apparently what had provoked the fight.

Police soon arrived and began dragging some of extremists off to jail, but then something stunning happened.


The extremists started going after the cops as well!

“Now they’re going after the cops. What is that guy on?” the camera guy asked.


According to the Rocky Mountain Collegian, the entire rally was marred by these sorts of disturbances.

The rallygoers “were met with two different groups of counterprotesters on the other side of Nancy Grey Avenue,” the outlet reported.

“According to multiple protesters at the scene, some counterprotesters were affiliated with a Black Lives Matter rally that took place earlier in the afternoon at Colorado State University. Other counterprotesters dressed in all black had an unclear affiliation, though some protesters referred to them as antifa.”

Watch the full rally below:

Footage from the rally has since gone uber viral and attracted the praise of countless Americans who believe the rallygoers are veritable heroes and wish there were more Americans like them, particularly in the radicalized city of Portland.

Like one Twitter user wrote, “Can we send these American Heroes into Portland???”

A whole lot of people would likely greatly appreciate that.

See more Twitter reactions below:

This incident in Fort Collins comes only days after extremists in Portland threw paint on and berated two elderly women for trying to protect the city’s east police precinct.


The patriots in Fort Collins could definitely be used here.

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