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Indianapolis traffic-blockers threaten motorists at gunpoint for trying to pass, then call it self-defense

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Gun-toting protesters in Indiana blocking motorists from using the road is the latest example of the liberal fantasy touted as “peaceful” demonstrations.

A video from a recent Black Lives Matter march in Indianapolis showed protesters blocking traffic, throwing objects at vehicles and, at one point, even pointing a gun at a driver who was blocked from driving on the public road overtaken by demonstrators.

(Source: Indy Star)

The Indy10 Black Lives Matter march held on Thursday was aimed at demanding justice for Dreasjon Reed, 21, and McHale Rose, 19, two black men who were fatally shot by Indianapolis police officers in separate incidents in early May.

Activists chanted “No justice, no peace” and “Defund the police,” as they marched downtown, blocking roads and impeding motorists who were attempting to use their own streets.

Video shared by the Indy Star showed a tense moment as one of the protesters was seen pointing a gun at a blue pick-up truck and another man held a gun with his finger on the trigger, while others yelled for the driver to turn around and leave the area. The truck backed up a bit and the driver maneuvered around the group in an apparent attempt to get past them and continue on the road. But protesters chased the truck, yelling to “back up!”

“Come on buddy, don’t be stupid,” one man can be heard saying on the video.

The Indianapolis Recorder noted how “tension mounted” between the activists and the driver near the  I-65 bridge:

While members of the group tried to redirect traffic, a driver in a blue truck revved the engine, sending protesters scrambling to the sidewalk. One protester, who only identified himself as “Icon,” pulled a gun on the driver.


“I was scared he was going to kill me,” he claimed. “I stepped in front of a little girl when he revved his engine, but, yes, I absolutely drew a gun to defend myself.”

Cars trailing behind protesters represented both views about the road-blocking march, as some “honked in solidarity with the protest, others in frustration,” the outlet reported.

“Indianapolis leaders, including Democrat Mayor Joe Hogsett and the Indianapolis City-County Council have remained silent,” Indianapolis radio host Tony Katz, who also shared the video, noted.

Michael-Paul Hart, a Republican member of the Indianapolis City Council, tweeted that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department had opened an investigation into the incident.

As marches, demonstrations and protests have continued for weeks supposedly in the name of justice for victims of alleged police brutality, many instances of violence have been swept under the rug by liberals who applaud the so-called peaceful protesters for exercising their First Amendment rights.

But demonstrations have often devolved into chaos and violence as Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists have gone unchecked in Democrat-run cities. Meanwhile, homeowners attempting to secure their property from violators of the law, are being treated as the criminals, as in the case of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who face felony charges for “intimidation” of supposedly peaceful protesters who broke into their gated community.

Following the Indianapolis incident this week, Katz fired back at a few Twitter users who defended the gun-wielding protester.

The video sparked a debate on Twitter where most of those responding condemned the reckless protesters.


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