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Unbelievable footage shows massive explosions rock Lebanon’s capital Beirut

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Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut was rocked by a massive explosion on Tuesday that was captured in jarring video footage.

Several videos began to emerge on social media after a large blast was seen and heard at the Lebanese capital. A large mushroom cloud could be seen erupting in some video footage that captured the massive blast.

Buildings and offices around the city reportedly suffered damage after the explosion that allegedly was triggered by a fire at a warehouse storing fireworks, according to the state-run National News Agency, CNN reported.

As footage emerged, the massive extent of the damage could be seen.

Reports that there were many injuries and many feared dead also were shared but nothing was, as yet, confirmed.

The explosion sent a shock wave that was caught on camera.

Witnesses reported that the blast hit at the city’s port and some video captured the moment on the water nearby.

A red cloud could be seen in the sky as well and photos soon emerged of damage to nearby buildings.

Before reports on the cause or precise location emerged, with the BBC reporting that the explosion was near the offices of the Daily Star newspaper.

The outlet also noted tensions due to the imminent verdict in a UN-backed tribunal on the murder of former Lebanese premier Rafic Hariri in 2005. Four suspects in the car-bombing murder of Hariri, all allegedly members of Hezbollah, the Shiite Muslim fundamentalist group, are being tried in absentia over the suicide bombing which killed Hariri and 21 others.

Some speculation circulated that the location of Tuesday’s blast in Beirut was connected with a Hezbollah weapons assembly line.

Other views of the fire and subsequent blast raised more questions as some witnesses said they believed a “missile” was the cause of the explosion.

Hamad Hassan, Lebanon’s Health Minister, reportedly claimed a ship carrying fireworks exploded in the Beirut Port.

This is a breaking news story and more details will be published as they become available.

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