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Trump campaign sends email to convince supporters to wear masks: ‘Why not give it a shot!’

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Trump wears face mask email
President Trump: “Masks may be good, they may be just okay, or they may be great. Why not give it a shot!” (screenshot)

The Trump campaign sent a non-fundraising email urging supporters to wear face masks in public when they’re unable to social-distance.

In the email, President Trump said he doesn’t like wearing masks either, but doing so could enable America to reopen.

“I think it’s something we should all try to do when we are not able to be socially distanced from others,” the email states. “I don’t love wearing them either.”

The email continued: “Masks may be good, they may be just okay, or they may be great. They can possibly help us get back to our American way of life…My feeling is, we have nothing to lose, and possibly everything to gain, including the next chapter to our country. And to keep things open, whether it be schools or businesses.

The note added: “Many view wearing a mask as a patriotic act, and there is no one more patriotic than me and you. Why not give it a shot!”

The campaign email did not ask for contributions, but was more of a public service announcement amid the fistfights that have erupted over face masks.

trump email patriots wear face masks

Predictably, Democrats and their left-wing media lapdogs got triggered, proving that no matter what Trump says or does, they criticize it anyway.

Leftists scolded President Trump for not issuing a national mask mandate and for not wearing a face mask earlier.

They insist that face masks prevent COVID-19. However, these same leftists did not criticize the lack of masks or social-distancing during the countless Black Lives Matter riots, protests, and funeral extravaganzas over the past three months.

The Left’s deafening silence is particularly noteworthy because black people are a high-risk group to die from the coronavirus.

(Source: Twitter)

Where was the left-wing outrage over these crowded Black Lives Matter demonstrations, where protesters packed together like sardines?

Reminder: Here’s how Hillary superfan Anthony Fauci—a lifelong government bureaucrat who never practiced medicine—wears his mask.


And here’s how Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer wear their masks and social-distance. Keep in mind that Pelosi has agitated for a nationwide mask mandate.

In July, President Trump rejected calls for a national mask mandate, saying masks are good, and if people want to wear them, they should.  However, he won’t force everyone to wear them because it impinges on their personal freedoms. Trump has been consistent on this stance.

Trump pointed out that in March, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Americans they don’t need to wear a mask.

If masks are a panacea, why are Democrats demanding the mass release of criminals from jail? Why not just force felons to wear masks in prison?

Democrats are hyperventilating and demanding a nationwide mask mandate. But who’s going to enforce the mandate when the Left has called to “defund the police?”

Judge Andrew Napolitano–a frequent Trump critic–says the federal government does not have the authority to force everyone to wear a mask. The government can recommend it, but cannot mandate it.

“The federal government certainly can’t do it because the federal government is not charged with public health or public safety,” Judge Napolitano said. “That’s an area that’s reserved to the states by the Tenth Amendment. The federal government can recommend it. Its scientific arm, the CDC, can recommend it, but it can’t be compelled.”

(Source: Fox News)

Moreover, Judge Napolitano said the states also lack the authority to mandate the use of face masks.

“That brings us to whether the states have the authority to do that. And the answer again is no,” Napolitano said “If a person is known to be contagious, the state could require that person to be quarantined or wear a mask. But anything short of that, the state cannot interfere with that person’s freedom of movement or freedom to wear or not wear a mask. So the government’s authority is really rather limited here.”

Similarly, Trump campaign aide Marc Lotter slammed Democrats for pushing a one-size-fits-all mask mandate.

Lotter argued that a farmer in Iowa does not need to wear a mask. Neither does a rancher in Montana.

Lotter said, as usual, Democrats are trying to expand the role of federal government and limit Americans’ freedoms.

(Source: Fox Business)

“[The mask debate] is an opportunity for Democrats to put their one-side-fits-all liberal narrative to use,” Lotter said. “Someone on the farm in Iowa does not need to wear a mask. The federal government should not order someone on the farm in Iowa or a mountain range in Montana to wear a mask.”

Lotter said if you live in a densely-populated area like New York City, then it makes sense to wear a mask in public. But a nationwide mask mandate is pointless.

Biden pushes national mask mandate when outside: ‘It’s not about your rights’


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