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Austin cops warn residents, armed ‘protesters’ may try to enter apartment buildings, perch on roofs

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As protesters arrived in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, local police warned the public that some may be armed and looking to scale tall buildings to gain an advantage point.

Residents of apartment complexes near police department headquarters had received letters from property managers, warning that “armed” protesters may try to access the buildings to get a better view of events below, Fox News reported, citing local affiliate FOX 7.

“Keep your eyes open for anyone that might be on the roof or upper balconies,” one such letter warned.

Austin was where Garrett Foster, the Black Lives Matter protester armed with an AK-47 was shot and killed by a motorist, who told police Foster pointed the rifle at him while approaching his vehicle.

After being questioned by police, the driver was released without charges.

Protesters marched from the University of Texas to a site near a memorial set up for Foster, who was celebrated on the left as a hero for trying to protect BLM protesters.

Residents boarded up in anticipation of the “peaceful protest,” as the media is apt to describe such events.

According to Fox News, social media messaged suggested the protesters may have been planning to set up an “autonomous zone” in Austin, much like what was seen in Seattle last month.

While the claims were not confirmed, police turned out in force.

The marchers were calling for cuts to the Austin Police Department budget “by $100 million. That’s a moderate demand from the brown and Black community,” organizer Robert Foster said, according to the Austin Statesman.

The protesters, largely white liberals, also chanted that the police department had to go.

There were reported clashes between protesters and local law enforcement.

Par for the course, the Statesman reported that while some protesters “scuffled with officers,” the gathering “was mostly not violent.”

Police did not confirm how man arrests were made, but the newspaper reported that a protest organizer put the number at 20.

Here are some other tweets on the arrests that took place:



Fox 7 also reported than members of the right-wing militia “Three Percenters” were also on hand.

As for the lawlessness in the streets, in the end, its regular folks who pay the price, as seen in the video below were a black Austin resident gets out of his car and screams at the Black Lives Matter protesters blocking traffic to get out of his way.

“I gotta go to work. I’ve got bills, I’ve got kids, get the f*ck out of my way,” the man yelled.

Tom Tillison


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