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Cocky naked traffic-blocker knocked out cold after messing with wrong motorist

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He probably wasn’t an emperor, but he had no clothes, and nonetheless got crowned.

A naked man taking a stroll for some reason on a busy street got a ferocious comeuppance from an annoyed driver in a video clip that was shared by actor and outspoken conservative James Woods to his 2.5 million followers.

The motorist whose car was apparently being defiantly blocked by the nude man standing with his arms folded took matters into his own hands.

After a brief conversation, he violently punched the exposed pedestrian in the head, sending the clothes-free man to the asphalt.

Although the Twitter video embedded below is labeled “Antifa leader goes for a sleep,” this incident seems to have nothing to do with Antifa.

(** Graphic content warning)


It seems to have occurred in an Eastern European country based on the apparent Cyrillic signage on a nearby storefront. The limited audio in the video clip is possibly by Russian speaker. At least one Twitter sleuth identified the location as Ukraine.

It seems like the man in the birthday suit received a present he wasn’t expecting.

It is unreported thus far if the unclothed victim was seriously injured, when this encounter occurred, or what caused it.

The brutal self-help incident prompted a big response, some satirical and some serious, on Twitter. Here’s a sample.

(** Language warning)



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