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Muslim women go on vulgar anti-American rant in support of Black Lives Matter

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A trio of Muslim women reportedly in Colorado made no secret of the disdain for America..

While it’s not clear if the women are refugees, the woman featured in a video spoke about Ethiopia while showing support for the Black Lives Matter political movement.

The social media user who shared the video online tweeted, “These come to America from their terrible country for a better life and still aren’t happy.”

***Caution: Strong Language

“We stand with the Black Lives Matter because that’s important to us, because the cops are f*cking killing black people in America today,” the woman said, noting that the same thing is happening in Ethiopia.”The same system is killing the Oromo people.”

(The Oromo people are a Cushitic ethnic group native to Ethiopia who represent the largest ethnic group in the country, totaling 34.5% of Ethiopia’s population.)

“F*ck the Ethiopian government… f*ck the police, f*ck the American system, f*ck everyone. F*ck Trump, f*ck every single person who supported this hysterical person,” she raged on.

“F*ck everybody, and f*ck everybody who is silent,” the woman concluded.

With at least one more f*ck to give, her agitated friend, who was rapidly snapping her fingers in support of the hateful message, chimed in, “F*ck the silent majority!”

Again, it’s not clear if the women are refugees, but nearly 10,000 refugees from the seven Muslim majority countries listed on President Trump’s travel ban have settled in the state since 1980, according to Colorado Public Radio News.

Ethiopia is not on the list, but refugees from the country are among those resettling in Colorado more recently from the Middle East and Africa.

The women are reportedly in Aurora. In 2018, the Denver Post reported that one in five Aurora residents was foreign born and the largest immigrant population outside of Mexico was Ethiopian.

As for the hatred the woman have for America, there’s a case to be made that this may have been learned in American schools, although there is no information on how long the woman may have been here or what their educational background is.

At the same time, the women represent the low-information crowd liberal networks like CNN and MSNBC influence with the relentlessly negative reporting on Trump.

What options the women may have to leave America are unknown, but as miserable as they appear to be, it’s a fair question to ask why do they stay?

Here’s a quick sampling of some of the responses to the story from Twitter:

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