Planned Parenthood of Texas calls Hispanic pro-life Democrat senator a ‘Dirty Mexican’

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There continues to be two distinct standards in America when it comes to politics, with those on the right being held to a far more rigid standard than those on the left.

A recent example of this was seen in Texas earlier this month when state Sen. Eddie Lucio, a rare pro-life Democrat, was essentially called a “dirty Mexican” by Planned Parenthood of Texas and the radical left Texas Freedom Network.

Lucio was running against a pro-abortion primary challenger backed by the entities above, Sara Stapleton Barrera — he defeated his opponent a 54%-46% on July 14, and will face Republican Vanessa Tijerina in the November general election.

Lucio’s son, Rep. Eddie Lucio III, also a Democrat, released a statement condemning the direct-mail piece issued by Planned Parenthood and Texas Freedom Network that used the term “Sucio Lucio,” to describe his father and his traditional Catholic values of support for life.

(“Sucio Lucio” is a derogatory name that essentially means “dirty Mexican.”)

“I’m truly disheartened, given all that’s happening in the world today, that Planned Parenthood, Texas Freedom Network, Texas Rising, and others continue to disparage our family name with derogatory and racial slurs,” Lucio III said. “These big special-interests groups from outside our border community should comprehend the deeper connotations behind the word “sucio” (“dirty Mexican”) and the association with a person of Hispanic decent.”

“Mexican-Americans are hard-working, family-oriented individuals, never should the word dirty or its Spanish-language equivalent be used to describe one of us,” the son added. “Given current events and the social awareness on being accepting of all races and cultures, the continued use of this term is insensitive and in poor taste. We can respectfully disagree on issues without being offensive to an entire culture.”

While we can just imagine the media reaction if a Republican organization attacked Sen. Lucio in such a manner, the story has drawn little more than crickets.

Other Democrats have denounced the slur, as seen here with state Rep. Terry Canales, the first Latino to serve as chair of the powerful House Transportation Committee.

Canales vowed to never allow Planned Parenthood to “set foot in my office” if they do not issue an apology.

“This isn’t a cute rhyme, its Racist and its Derogatory,” he tweeted.

Bishop Daniel Flores, of Brownsville, Texas, also criticized the use of the term.

“While not surprised that Planned Parenthood would attack State Senator Eddie Lucio’s pro-life record, I am deeply discouraged that Texas Freedom Network and others would join in this malicious kind of attack, using such derogatory language to disparage him and his family,” Flores said in a statement.

“‘Sucio’ is an unacceptable word when associated with a Mexican American family name. Maybe they know not what such words mean in South Texas. Now more than ever it is imperative that words be used with care, with an awareness of their impact,” the bishop added.

There appears to be no apology forthcoming, but at the same time, Lucio is not about to apologize for his opposition to abortion.

“I don’t make any excuses for that, and I don’t apologize for that,” he told the Catholic News Agency in a recent interview.

Tom Tillison


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