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Fed-up Americans begin fighting back: Motorist beats on BLM street-blocker, screams, ‘get the F out of my neighborhood’

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A video clip going viral on social media appears to show a motorist angrily approaching a line of demonstrators as they block a neighborhood street with their bikes and slugging one of them while he yelling at the protesters to clear the way.

“Keep pushing into residential neighborhoods, Antifa. Watch what happens when you keep disrupting normal people’s lives, blocking them from working, traveling, and getting to places. This is just a warning shot. It’s about to get a whole lot worse for you commies,” Twitter user “Click” noted in a post featuring the video.


“Get the f**k outta my neighborhood!” the motorist can be heard saying, tossing an object at the others as he turns around to return to his vehicle amidst honking horns.

Click also responded a video posted by independent journalist Andy Ngo showing two men in Oregon — a driver of a pickup and a Black Lives Matter protester — pointing handguns at each other.

“Normal Americans are sick and tired of Antifa and BLM blocking roads, destroying their cities, and their violence towards citizens & police. I knew things were going to get ugly yesterday. It’s only going to get worse,” Click wrote.

In his post, Ngo reported that the incident occurred in Eugene, Ore.

“This was in Eugene, Ore. yesterday at the violent antifa gathering. They blocked off the streets and prevented a driver from using the road. When they surrounded him, he brandished a gun. One of the far-left protesters then brandished a gun back,” Ngo wrote on Sunday.

Another view of the incident posted by a BLM supporter showed how the incident began and progressed, with the supporter calling for the angry driver to be doxed.

The video shows the driver of the pickup being surrounded by a mob as he implores them to “get the f**k back.”

**Warning: Strong language


As BLM protests often do, the one in Eugene eventually turned into a riot after protesters began lighting fires and defacing public and private property, the Eugene Register-Guard reported.

These incidents come as police in Austin, Texas, report that a BLM protester shot and killed by a motorist in the city during a demonstration Saturday night pointed his AK-47-style rifle at the driver.

Police Chief Brian Manley said the motorist was questioned and released. He noted that the first volley of fire recorded by video taken during the protest was that of the driver; a second volley came from someone else’s weapon as the driver sped away.

“Mr. Foster, who was holding an AK-47 type assault rifle, approached the driver’s side window as others in the crowd began striking the vehicle,” Manley said. “Gunshots were fired from inside the vehicle at Foster. During the initial investigation of this incident, it appears that Foster may have pointed his weapon at the driver of this vehicle prior to being shot.”

Other Americans appear to be growing weary of the unrest, as well as the Democrat leaders who enable it.

In a TikTok video retweeted by #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka on Sunday, an unidentified young woman who says she and her friends she grew up “Democrat” and “liberal” but are switching to voting for Republicans because they’re tired of the unchecked violence.


“Our leadership isn’t doing anything about the rioting, the vandalism, they’re not doing anything about it,” she explains.

“We all grew up Democrat, liberal, all of our lives, and now, we’re voting Republican ‘cause we’re fed up,” she says. “I wonder if the Democrats realize that everything that’s happening in Portland and Seattle is really turning people off.

“Everyone is getting so frustrated, annoyed…everything is up in the air, nobody knows what opening, what’s closing,” the woman continues, imploring others in her part of the country to “turn the Northwest red.”

Others agreed.

Jon Dougherty


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