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Dueling militias marching in Louisville Kentucky, BLM crashes; reports of multiple people shot

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Multiple dueling militias were planning to march and protest in Louisville, Kentucky, and though the police were hoping for a peaceful afternoon, anything could happen, especially with Black Lives Matter extremists crashing the “party.”

As of around noon, there had already been an arrest of a suspected BLM extremist:

And someone had reportedly already been shot:

See additional footage from before and during the event below (*Language warning):

Earlier in the week an armed, all-black militia known as the  “Not F–king Around Coalition” announced plans to “descend” into Louisville Saturday to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was killed during a drug-related police raid in March.

“This ain’t no spectator sport, you can come out if you want to. If you want to watch history, that’s cool. But understand the seriousness of the situation,” NFAC leader John Fitzgerald Johnson, aka The Real Grandmaster Jay, reportedly said at the time.

Johnson’s group is the same one that had made an unusual appearance up at Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park on the Fourth of July.

Here’s a reminder:

In videos posted to social media this week, Johnson urged his disciples to show up in Louisville with shotguns, semiautomatic weapons or rifles, but reassured viewers that he’s not looking to wreak havoc like the Black Lives Matter extremists in Portland and elsewhere.

“I’m not going to beat these people down when all y’all want is some justice. And for all y’all you think we gone [sic] go in there and burn the city down, like somebody told me, and go door to door and snatch people out and kill them. Y’all don’t know what you’re on. We are a militia, not a mob,” he said.

While out at Stone Mountain Park earlier this month, Johnson had made it clear that his group isn’t associated with Black Lives Matter. It’s entirely separate.

We ain’t no Black Lives Matter, we ain’t none of that bulls–t,” he’d said.

Following Johnson’s announcement of the event in Louisville, a conservative, anti-statist, pro-gun militia known as the Three Percenters announced plans to also show up in Louisville, but for the purposes of providing “security.”

According to reports, a Three Percenter member posted a Facebook video saying the militia will have “boots on the ground to assist and security on this situation” and calling “for an all call-out … to assist in countering NFAC.”

However, in statements to reporters at the scene Saturday, members said that they agree with NFAC about Taylor’s death. They also clarified that they weren’t there specifically to stop violence from NFAC but rather protect everybody.

“The only reason why we’re coming is because there are so many threats due to the NFAC coming. So we want to make sure they get their part of their First/Secondment Amendment rights coming through here, and that it’s it.”


As of noon, there appeared to be no videos showing any kind of altercations between the two militias. There were however a few showing Black Lives Matter extremists — of which neither group is a fan — causing a bit of trouble.


Vivek Saxena


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