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Chicago Mayor orders iconic Columbus statue removed in dead of night as protesters swarm her home

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered the removal of the city’s 89-year-old Christopher Columbus statue late Thursday after hundreds of left-wing extremists gathered outside her home in Logan Square, though it’s not clear whether the two events are linked.

Around 9:00 pm Thursday evening, video footage began to emerge on social media of crowds of left-wing extremists marching to Lightfoot’s neighborhood to call for the defunding of the Chicago Police Department.

Look (*Language warning):

As the “protests” were underway, something inexplicable happened.

As the protest demanding the defunding of the Chicago Police Department continued, reports surfaced on social media in the evening, stating the Christopher Columbus statue at Grant Park could be taken down as soon as late Thursday night,” local station WMAQ reported.

As word spread, the “protest” reportedly turned celebratory.


It’s not clear what happened afterward, though some footage from the scene appeared to show the extremists still hanging out in the area long after the announcement and singing profane songs about President Donald Trump.


A couple of hours later footage began to emerge of the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park being removed.


(** Language warning)

Pay special attention the latter tweet, and note how the left-wing extremist who posted it was still angry at Lightfoot despite her stunning, unexpected concession.

The removal of the statue came a week after over 1,000 left-wing extremists swarmed Grant Park last Friday and tried to tear the statue down themselves. The extremists also attacked police officers and journalists.

See scenes from the riot below:

While the left is now predictably celebrating Lightfoot’s concession, the right is warning of the long-term consequences of this “Maoist-like” cultural revolution.


Vivek Saxena


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