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Oh boy! Leftists target Chuck Todd when dares to give Trump the slightest nod on mask wearing

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Chuck Todd was buried under a torrent of backlash after he gave the slightest nod of approval to President Donald Trump.

The MSNBC anchor was slammed by the left on Wednesday after he ventured into unknown territory appeared to give a scant note of praise for the president as he suggested Trump had “turned a corner” on the wearing of masks.

The vicious criticism of Todd followed a panel discussion in which the “Meet the Press: Daily” host commented on Trump’s coronavirus task force news briefing and his remarks about wearing masks as a preventive measure against COVID-19.

The president has been commenting on the wearing of masks, calling mask-wearing “patriotic” and urging Americans to take the precaution to combat the coronavirus, noting at Wednesday’s briefing that his administration was considering “abiding” by local mask mandates.

“We’re asking everybody when you’re not able to socially distance to wear a mask,” Trump had said Tuesday. “Whether you like masks or not, wear a mask.”

Todd remarked on the apparent change in tone and stance by the president on the topic and mentioned it during the MSNBC panel discussion later Wednesday.

“I don’t think, like I said, I don’t think we got a lot, perhaps the most newsworthy item out there was the president said in the next 24 hours they were gonna decide if the federal government would abide by a local ordinance like the one Washington D.C. has put in about mandating masks,” he said.

“The fact that he said they’re thinking about it is probably, shows you that at least on the mask front, the president has turned a corner,” Todd added.

Cue the liberal and anti-Trump meltdowns.

“I tweeted something earlier today assuming a media personality would both sides or whitewash Trump even as he unleashes his militia on citizens. I was hoping to be wrong…and enter Chuck Todd,” Wajahat Ali, The New York Times opinion writer, tweeted.

“Baby s—s the bed. One day he stops s—ting the bed. And instead s—s in a nice piece of China & places it under the bed and reporters say ‘what a brave big boy.’ Please stop with these ulcer-inducing bad takes. 140,000 plus Americans are dead because this monster doesn’t care,” actor Josh Gad tweeted.

The Lincoln Project’s Tom Nichols, a self-described “Never-Trumper,” commented on causing an “anti-Chuck Todd Riot” with his initial tweet.

Others triggered by Todd’s comment continued to chime in.

“The corner of refusing to even encourage governors to adopt a mask mandate?” Pod Save America co-host Jon Favreau tweeted.

“F**k You @chucktodd,” economist David Rothschild said in a tweet.

Anyone who dared to question the attack on Todd quickly came under fire as well.

But for some Twitter users, watching the left eat its own was solid entertainment.



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