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Naked protester, left’s new hero, puts on a show for cops in Portland; they weren’t touching that

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A new liberal “hero” has emerged, and much like prior liberal “heroes,” this one doesn’t seem to have much to show for herself …

According to reports, this new liberal “hero” walked up to a group of police officers and federal authorities in Portland, Oregon, late Saturday completely naked save for a beanie and a mask — go figure — and began performing yoga.

Portland’s usual batch of “protesters” responded with excitement — presumably because a woman’s naked body isn’t something they’re used to seeing — whereas the authorities simply maintained their positions and poses with calmness.

Watch (*Graphic content):

It’s not clear what’s so “amazing” about the woman’s performance, given as naked women are a dime a dozen in contemporary America.

Sometime after the woman began her performance, the authorities left the scene — perhaps out of boredom, or because they were assigned elsewhere?


Because of the timing, Portland’s left-wing leftists — of which there are many — assumed without evidence that the naked woman had scared them away.

That seems unlikely …

Nevertheless, the incident helped the unnamed woman earn the moniker of “Athena” (in relation to the ancient Greek goddess) from the left.


While it’s unclear why the authorities left, one possibility is that they were called to another location. It turns out that as “Athena” was entertaining her excited groupies, other parts of downtown Portland were being literally attacked.

“Protesters in Portland broke into a police union building and set it on fire, prompting police to declare a riot and deploy tear gas to disperse crowds,” Newsweek reported.

“The Portland Police Association building was set ablaze on the 52nd straight night of demonstrations in the city, touched off by the death of George Floyd, a Black man, in Minneapolis police custody in May.”

See footage from last night’s events below:

After seeing this footage, is it fair to ask who’s the real hero?

Seriously, is it the attention-seeking woman who performed yoga while naked to apparently try and intimidate the police, or is it the cops who again repeatedly risked their lives throughout the evening to protect the city from left-wing extremists?

As has been reported previously (though not in the media), Portland’s been awash in nonstop violent “riots” for weeks upon weeks upon weeks. Only just this week did the federal authorities finally choose to intervene, and immediately Democrats and their media allies rushed to defend the extremists and disparage the authorities.

To them, the people who are trying to keep the city’s lawful residents safe are bad guys, while the extremists and their naked “heroes” are the good guys. Make that make sense.

Vivek Saxena


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