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Anti-mask protesters with armed militia stand up to BLM in Ohio: ‘I will not wear someone else’s fear’

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Hundreds of open-carrying anti-mask-mandate protesters congregated Saturday afternoon outside the Ohio Statehouse to display their displeasure with the state’s mask mandate, but unlike Black Lives Matter protesters, they actually behaved themselves.

During the protest, there was reportedly no vandalism, no arson, no looting, no harassment and almost no violence, though one guy did reportedly try to throw a punch at someone, but he was quickly overpowered by police and hauled off to jail.

See scenes from the almost 100 percent peaceful protest below (*Language warning):

According to reports, a flyer for the protest had described it as an “open carry” event and assured potential attendees that “security” could be provided by a “militia, military veterans, bikers and patriot groups.”

The protests occurred two days after alleged “sellout” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, instituted an emergency mandate requiring that residents in 19 counties begin wearing a mask in public starting on Friday.

DeWine based the order on the state’s rising coronavirus case #s, despite data showing that daily coronavirus deaths in Ohio have plummeted to a record low


(Source: Ohio Department of Health)

These sorts of discrepancies have clearly not pleased locals, though the issue isn’t the masks itself but rather the authoritarian decree that everybody must wear one.

“Hundreds of maskless people gathered Saturday at the Ohio Statehouse to protest what they see as overreach by government officials and public health advocates desperate to stop the spread of the surging coronavirus,” The Columbus Dispatch reported.

“They said doctors urging them to cover up are wrong. They said infection and mortality data are being manipulated. They said — through bullhorns and with signs and on T-shirts — that Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is a helicopter parent who’s got it all wrong.”

FYI, there were masked anti-mask-mandate protesters as well.

“It’s not connecting to the science. It’s propaganda. I trust myself. I am the science,” Ohio resident Cherrelyn Pierson, who said she works in a health-related field, told the Dispatch.

The science behind masks isn’t settled. On one hand, experts say wearing a mask will drastically reduce the spread of the coronavirus. But on the other hand, the coronavirus keeps spreading despite mask mandates across the country, and the experts had previously argued against masks.

Take “experts” Jennifer Nuzzo and Tom Inglesby. According to Alex Berenson, formerly of The New York Times, their current mask recommendations belie their past research:

Black Lives Matter protesters also showed up to the Ohio Statehouse this Saturday to counter-protest the anti-mask protesters.

Thanks to a thick police presence, no violence broke out between the two groups.


“I came out today specifically to add my body to a crowd for Black Lives Matter because I knew they were coming but I’ve been down here numerous times,” one BLM protester said to local station WSYX.

Naturally, the media have been portraying BLM as the good guys, all while presenting the anti-mask protesters as the “white supremacist” bad guys.

Case in point:

While the Proud Boys were indeed present at the event, its leader is a non-white Cuban minority

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