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‘Wrong about everything’: Trump adviser slams Fauci in op-ed, WH stresses that’s his opinion ‘alone’

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White House trade adviser Peter Navarro was highly critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci in a USA Today op-ed, insisting the nation’s leading infectious disease expert is “wrong about everything I have interacted with him on.”

At the same time, the Trump-hating left was quick to defend Fauci, a leading member of the administration’s coronavirus task force.

“When I warned in late January in a memo of a possibly deadly pandemic, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was telling the news media not to worry,” Navarro wrote. “When I was working feverishly on behalf of the president in February to help engineer the fastest industrial mobilization of the health care sector in our history, Fauci was still telling the public the China virus was low risk.”

“When we were building new mask capacity in record time, Fauci was flip-flopping on the use of masks,” he added.

Navarro also highlighted Fauci’s skepticism over the use of hydroxychloroquine to fight the Chinese virus.

“I confronted him with scientific studies providing evidence of safety and efficacy,” he penned. “A recent Detroit hospital study showed a 50% reduction in the mortality rate when the medicine is used in early treatment.”

Taking issue with Fauci saying a falling mortality rate doesn’t matter, Navarro insisted that this “is the single most important statistic to help guide the pace of our economic reopening.”

“The lower the mortality rate, the faster and more we can open,” he said.

“So when you ask me whether I listen to Dr. Fauci’s advice, my answer is: only with skepticism and caution,” Navarro concluded.

Fauci tends to be a splash of cold water at every turn when it comes to moving on from COVID-19.

In fact, White House deputy chief of staff for communications Dan Scavino shared a political cartoon on Facebook Sunday that depicted Fauci in such a manner, flushing all gains down the drain.

“Sorry, Dr. Faucet! At least you know if I’m going to disagree with a colleague, such as yourself, it’s done publicly — and not cowardly, behind journalists with leaks. See you tomorrow!” Scavino added.

At the same time, White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah took to Twitter Wednesday morning to distance the president from Navarro’s op-ed.

Farah tweeted: “The Peter Navarro op-ed didn’t go through normal White House clearance processes and is the opinion of Peter alone. @realDonaldTrump values the expertise of the medical professionals advising his Administration.”

In responding to a biased, factually incorrect question from CNN’s Trump-hating primadonna reporter Jim Acosta about the White House “trashing” Dr. Fauci, after the president said the expert has made some mistakes, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany dismissed the assertion.

“There is no opposition research being dumped to reporters,” McEnany said. “We were asked a very specific question by the Washington Post. And that question was President Trump noted that Dr. Fauci had made some mistakes and we provided a direct answer to what was a direct question.”

“To the notion that there’s opposition research and that there’s Fauci versus the president couldn’t be further from the truth,” she added. “Dr. Fauci and the president have always had a very good working relationship.”

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