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Kellyanne Conway’s teen daughter whines: Parents are forcing me to delete my Twitter account

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Claudia Conway tiktok kellyanne conway daughter
Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, says her parents are forcing her to delete her TikTok and Twitter accounts. (Instagram)

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter — 15-year-old Claudia Conway — whined that her parents are forcing her to delete her social-media accounts after she repeatedly trolled them and live-streamed an argument between herself and her mom.

Claudia has made countless headlines for trashing President Trump and for expressing support for the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

“My parents are forcing me to delete social media,” Claudia lamented on Twitter yesterday. “Apparently, i don’t have a platform! it’s fake! Love you all so much. keep fighting.”

Last week, Claudia livestreamed an argument between herself and her mom during which Kellyanne took Claudia’s phone out of her hand.

“You can get back to it. Turn it off,” Kellyanne said in the clip. “Turn it off now.”

Claudia defiantly replied: “I’m just showing everyone the truth. You’re literally not letting me use my freedom of speech.”

Kellyanne then grabs the phone.

Claudia asked: “Mom, what are you doing?”

“It’s mine,” her mom replied.

Claudia later tweeted:  “You’re just mad that I’m finally getting my voice heard. Sorry your marriage failed.”

Claudia has also posted TikTok videos of herself dancing seductively and blurting anti-Trump nonsense.

It seems like Claudia Conway has inherited her mom’s blonde good looks, but her dad’s self-sabotaging, clout-chasing personality.

Claudia represents the vapid narcissism of today’s Left, who would sell out their own parents for Twitter retweets, TikTok views, and Instagram likes.

(Source: TikTok)

Claudia’s dad is Trump-hating attorney, George Conway.

Two weeks ago, George asked the media to stop contacting his daughter because she’s underage.

Conway tweeted: “To journalists: Kellyanne Conway and I do *not* consent to any communications between you and any of our minor children, including our daughter Claudia. So desist. Thank you.”

President Trump recently praised Kellyanne Conway, saying “she’s great” but lamented that her unemployed husband, George Conway, is “a total whack job.”

“Kellyanne is great, but she’s married to a total whack job,” President Trump said.

George is a virulent Trump critic who clout-chases for Twitter retweets and tabloid headlines by constantly trashing the President. His teen daughter is copying this clout-chasing habit.

Donald Trump Jr. has blasted George Conway for repeatedly undermining his wife on national TV and on Twitter.

Don Jr. tweeted: “A guy who routinely and publicly embarrasses his wife by attacking her boss for the purpose of getting retweets and building his own brand…You’re a disgrace.”

Similarly, Eric Trump blasted George for repeatedly disrespecting Kellyanne in unhinged Twitter rants.

“Of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect George Conway shows toward his wife, her career, place of work, and everything she has fought SO hard to achieve, might top them all,” Eric tweeted. “Kellyanne Conway is great person and frankly, his actions are horrible.”

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