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Mark Levin takes Don Lemon, CNN to task: BLM is ‘equivalent of the KKK in terms of its racism’

Mark Levin Black Lives Matter KKK
Mark Levin says the anti-white, anti-Jewish Black Lives Matter movement is as racist and antisemitic as the KKK. (screenshot)

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Author Mark Levin said the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement is similar to the Democrat Party-supported Ku Klux Klan in its overt racism and antisemitism.

“BLM is the equivalent of the KKK in terms of its racism, in terms of its antisemitism, in terms of its anti-Americanism,” Mark said on LevinTV. “And this is the point that the Left refuses to acknowledge and, in fact, attacks anyone who mentions it.”

Levin, who’s Jewish, is an attorney and bestselling author. He said he will not cave to left-wing intimidation and stand silent as the radical Black Lives Matter movement destroys America.

“I don’t care if they attack me,” Levin said. “This is a Marxist, anarchist organization that believes in the overthrow of the United States. This is what they told us they believe in. And yet Don Lemon keeps running interference for them as he did for Antifa.”

Levin slammed CNN opinion host Don Lemon for gleefully gloating that a California couple who had painted over Black Lives Matter street graffiti was charged with a hate crime.

Levin echoed the sentiments of millions of Americans when he remarked that CNN hosts are not objective journalists, but left-wing activists doing the bidding of the Democrat Party.

“These are Democrat operatives defending Democrat operatives,” Levin remarked. “These are Democrat operatives in the media defending Democrat operatives in the Black Lives Matter movement. They’re all voting for Biden. They’re all the Praetorian Guard for Biden. Let’s not fool ourselves.”

Predictably, the left-wing Twitter peanut gallery trashed Levin, even though his criticism of BLM has been reiterated numerous times by prominent black commentators.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell is a lifelong Democrat who hates President Trump. However, even Terrell says Black Lives Matter is a scam and a puppet being exploited as part of a Democratic power grab.

Like Mark Levin, Terrell blasted Don Lemon, saying the deafening silence by Lemon and BLM over the countless black-on-black murders during the recent ascent of BLM proves that they’re less concerned about black lives than about demonizing the police.

“Black Lives Matter was exposed by Don Lemon,” Terrell said. “Why? Because Don Lemon admitted that they don’t care about crime at all in Chicago or in any of these big cities! They don’t care about a police officer being shot and killed.”

Terrell continued: “Don Lemon said on TV that Black Lives Matter only cares if a police officer is involved in a shooting! I want every Democrat to hear that! [Black Lives Matter] is only concerned about a few individuals [killed by white cops]. They don’t care about black lives.”

(Source: Fox News)

Leo Terrell underscored that the ultimate goal of Black Lives Matter is “to tear down American institutions.”

Terrell has repeatedly criticized President Trump and the GOP. However, he said if you don’t want America to devolve into a crime-infested state of anarchy, you have no choice but to vote for Trump and for Republicans.

“You have got to vote Republican and Donald Trump because Don Lemon has made it very clear that Black Lives Matter has hijacked the Democratic Party,” Terrell said. “If you believe in law and order and are a Democrat, vote Republican.

Terrell lamented: “I have 30 years as a civil rights attorney. And I’m frustrated and disappointed in the Democratic Party and the left.”

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