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Federal agent attacked with hammer by protester as showdown still rages in Portland

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A protester in Portland, Ore., reportedly trying to break down the door of a federal government building with a hammer, and allegedly used that same weapon on one of the federal officers who charged out to respond.

The suspect, who allegedly struck the agent in the head and shoulder with the purported 16-inch device, according to Portland police, is in federal custody.

Tear gas and pepper spray were deployed to disperse the demonstrators, according to cops.

The melee between the alleged perpetrator, an apparent accomplice, and military-garbed officers on Friday night at the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building was captured on video.

Authorities have not as yet provided any information about the condition of the officer.

Although tensions have generally settled down in other cities, downtown Portland has been the scene of about six weeks of civil unrest and anarchy following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

The rioting has transformed the once-beautiful city of Portland into something of a war zone.

With an executive order, President Donald Trump deployed federal agents to the city to protect government buildings and monuments.

On Friday, President Trump discussed the action he took to restore order in Portland because local enforcement under the direction of local politicians was unable or unwilling to quell the disturbances by what he described as “a pretty wild group.”

In the back-and-forth with acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, the president praised the job that Wolf and his agency were doing, especially considering that “local law enforcement has been told not to do too much.”

With that in mind perhaps, the Portland police union has voted no confidence in the ability of city officials to put a stop to the violence.

“It was out of control. The locals couldn’t handle it, and you people are handling it very nicely — so nicely that the press doesn’t want to write about it,” Trump declared.

Wolf responded: “Well, thank you, Mr. President.  I think what we see in Portland is really a smaller example of what we see around the country regarding some of the civil unrest and the attacks on law enforcement. And what you find in Portland is about five and a half weeks of continued violence against the federal courthouse there that the Department of Homeland Security protects.

“We’ve had to send in additional individuals. We’re making arrests. But there has been violence, there’s been assaults on federal law enforcement officers.  And it really just shouldn’t occur. We should have more support of the local police there.  But again, the Department of Homeland Security, along with the DOJ, FBI, and others are surging resources, and we’re starting to make a difference there.”

Wolf noted that the feds have made about 12 arrests so far, which doesn’t seem like a lot, given the ongoing turmoil. Federal charges may actually result in prosecutions, unlike on the state or local level where mostly Democrat officials have released arrestees with charges dropped.

Violence unfortunately continued Saturday night in Portland as reported by tireless journalist Andy Ngo.



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