Biden refuses to take questions during lackluster hometown stop, ‘objective’ journos happy to comply

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Former Vice President Joe Biden emerged from his basement to make a public stop in Pennsylvania but still managed to avoid answering questions from reporters.

The presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee has continued to get a pass from the liberal media while he avoided holding a news conference for nearly three months, selectively speaking from his basement. But, following last week’s encounter with the media, Biden brushed off questions again on Thursday as he made a visit to his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“Time for a few questions?” one reporter asked as seen in a video clip shared by the Trump campaign.

“No, no. I just came to see Anne,” Biden responded, to which the obedient reporters did not object.

The 77-year-old Democrat had made a stop to meet Anne Kearns, who is currently living in what used to be Biden’s Pennsylvania childhood home on North Washington Ave.

Social distancing prevented Biden from getting too close to residents in the area, including one young child.

“Who’s that beautiful face? How old?” he asked, bending down on one knee to talk to the three-year-old. “It was great to see you, honey.”

A comment in a tweet by Fox News reporter Madeleine Rivera about the “crowd of supporters” raised plenty of eyebrows on social media.

Of course, President Trump has been slammed for allegedly avoiding the press, as CNN’s Brian Stelter claimed in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter and in a tweet highlighting when Paula Reid of CBS asked White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany about it at a press briefing this week.

The same media that complained about Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings, and blatantly refused to air them now complains that the president has been avoiding them. Meanwhile, Biden has been given a pass on his strategic press encounters and his outright avoidance of questions from reporters.

As questions increased about his competence to debate the president in the coming months before the November election, Biden’s appearance in Scranton on Thursday only fueled the discussion on Twitter where many were entertained by the idea that a “crowd of supporters” had come out to see him.



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