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Flags stolen from church tribute for fallen soldiers returned with note begging forgiveness: ‘I love America’

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Thief returns American flag stolen from church
A thief who stole American flags from an Alabama church returned them with an apology note. (Pixabay)

A thief in Alabama who stole several American flags from a church’s July 4 tribute honoring fallen military heroes returned them with a handwritten apology note.

The incident occurred on July 5, when an unidentified thief stole several of the 100 American flags that featured the names of fallen military veterans.

The flags were planted on the grounds of the First Baptist Church in Grand Bay, Alabama to pay homage to local war veterans who had died.

After stealing several flags, the thief quietly returned them the following day (July 6), along with a lengthy handwritten apology note.

A local Alabama woman shared a photo of the returned flags and the apology note on Facebook.

The note read: “I’m sorry for taking the flags. I did not mean any disrespect. I know it was wrong. I was drinking and had a dumb idea because I myself don’t own an American flag and think they will stop being made soon.”

The returned flags were carefully wrapped in plastic and left on a tree.


The culprit continued: “I had no idea that there were names of fallen heroes, which makes it even worse, as if stealing them from the church wasn’t bad enough. Again, I truly apologize. Here are your flags back.”

He/she added: “I am not a bad person, just a little messed-up but beg forgiveness. Please forgive me. I’m sorry.”

The thief ended the apology note by saying: “The flags are beautiful. I love God and America.”

Ironically, this thief has more honor and love for his country than than today’s anti-American, violent leftists who are tearing down historic statues and burning down our cities.

This is what unhinged leftists did on July 4 in the Democrat-run city of Baltimore: They topped a statue of Christopher Columbus.

(Source: Louis Krauss)

Pastor Royce Dubose of the First Baptist Church said he and his congregation forgive the thief. Dubose said the fact that the flags were returned is proof that God works in mysterious ways.

“The note was very sincere,” Pastor Dubose told NBC 15. “You can tell whoever took them was very, very upset with themselves.”

Dubose said no one in the church has any idea who the thief could be. And no one has any hard feelings. The church has even extended an open invitation to the culprit to attend Sunday services anytime.

Between the media-stoked race war, riots, and violence erupting across the United States, it’s nice to be reminded that good things happen all around us. We just don’t hear about them as much since negative news and hysteria drive cable TV ratings.

The last time Trump supporters heard good news about the American flag was when several leftist thugs were pummeled with them after they assaulted a female Trump supporter.

Then, there’s this: Donald Bronson is an 88-year-old retired Green Beret who served in the Korean and the Vietnam wars.

Bronson quietly salutes the American flag every morning during his two-mile walk through his Pennsylvania neighborhood.

Meanwhile, leftists burn and spit on the flag that represents the American ideals that heroes like Bronson fought for.



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