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Burgess Owens burns NFL with jab about assigning black bathrooms and space on back of team buses

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Retired NFL star turned Utah congressional candidate Burgess Owens used a clever tweet Wednesday to highlight the backwardness of the NFL’s decision to play the so-called “black national anthem” during all Week 1 games.

As noted by a plethora of voices, playing the “black national anthem” makes no sense because a unifying anthem for all people — regardless of race, gender, religion, etc. — already exists. It’s called the Star-Spangled Banner, aka the national anthem.

And so if the NFL chooses to play the “black national anthem” versus the national anthem, what does that signify? Segregation, right? And well, if the NFL’s going to endorse musical segregation, why not endorse all segregation, Owens wondered.


See what he did there? He was joking, obviously, though the underlying point was legit. Segregation inevitably begets more segregation, so why embrace segregation at all? Because apparently, segregation is hot these days thanks to college indoctrination.

Integration used to be a major goal of the civil rights movement. But today, in many places, resegregation is the growing trend — particularly on college campuses,” The Daily Signal reported last year.

A new National Association of Scholars report finds that 7 out of 10 colleges surveyed are having separate graduations for those of certain racial or ethnic backgrounds.”

Speaking with The Daily Signal, NAS research associate Dion Pierre cited examples such as Harvard’s “Latinx” graduation, Brown University’s “Blackalaureate” graduation and Columbia University’s “Black Graduation” and “Raza Graduation.”

He also dropped this bombshell: The push for re-segregation began immediately after the end of segregation.

“The re-segregation, though, began much sooner than most people realize. Fifteen years after Brown vs. Board of Education, the first black students to enter the Ivy League in the late ’60s were demanding segregated housing, segregated orientation programs, essentially what we understand to be a segregated admissions track system. And it has persisted ever since,” Pierre revealed.

The trend continues to this day:

Meanwhile, the same people now preaching “diversity” are the same ones who’ve decided that re-segregation is somehow beneficial to society.

Diversity, in our minds, would mean that people are mixing, that students of different races are coming together and having conversation, studying together, going to the same parties,” Pierre said.

But diversity, as it’s practiced on college campuses, actually means race nationalism. I hate to be so forward about it, but when you hear someone say that a segregated house promotes diversity on campus, they’re just lying to you.”

The NFL is also into leftist-styled “diversity.” It was only about a month and a half ago that the NFL unveiled new policies ostensibly designed to enhance so-called “diversity.”

“NFL teams must interview at least two minority candidates when looking to fill a head coaching position under a resolution passed on Tuesday by team owners that is designed to increase diversity, the league said,” Reuters reported at the time.

“Under the expanded Rooney Rule, clubs will also be required to interview at least one minority candidate for coordinator positions and at least one external minority candidate for the senior football operations or general manager position. Clubs must also include minorities or female applicants in the interview processes for a variety of senior level front office positions including club president as well as senior executives in communications, finance, human resources and legal.”

But whatever happened to basing hiring decisions on merit, skit skin color?

To many critics, all these moves — from prioritizing race over merit, to propping up the so-called “black national anthem” — suggest society is moving backward, not forwards, which is exactly the point Owens had been driving at:

Vivek Saxena


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