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WaPo’s ‘lucky we’re not calling for revenge’ editor doesn’t like ‘patriarchal’ responses she’s getting

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Amid backlash for a racist tweet threatening white women, Washington Post blogger Karen Attiah slammed America as “a racist and patriarchal society.” So when are you leaving, Karen?  (YouTube screenshot)

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Karen Attiah, an opinion editor at the Washington Post, trashed America as “a racist and patriarchal society” in response to backlash over a racist tweet saying white women should be grateful that black people are not seeking revenge against them for racism.

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Attiah tweeted: “America is a racist *and* patriarchal society. We cannot dismantle the full range of oppression in this society without addressing how toxic ideas of white masculinity interplay with the notion of “protecting” their women from Black people.”

Attiah was angrily responding after she claims that some men slammed her for a tweet perceived as threatening violence against white women.

The brouhaha erupted last week, after Attiah bleated: “White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karens.’ And not calling for revenge.”

You mean “revenge” like this?



Attiah then rattled off a number of things that she blamed on white women — among them was voting for President Trump.

Karen tweeted: “The lies and tears of White women hath wrought:

  • The 1921 Tulsa Massacre
  • Murder of Emmet Till
  • Exclusion of Black women from feminist movements
  • 53% of white women voting for Trump.

Attiah continued: “White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen.’ And not calling for revenge.”

Predictably, the Washington Post has not fired Attiah for this racist language.

Imagine the nonstop howls from the Left and its media lapdogs if a white woman tweeted: “Black women are lucky that we are just calling them Karen. And not calling for revenge.”

Karen Attiah later deleted the tweet.

She also tried to clean up her threatening language by saying: “I explicitly said Black people *ARE NOT* calling for this. A good amount of the threats and hate mail I’ve been getting are white men threatening me with violence to —*checks notes* protect “their” white women. Exactly the point I’ve been making about “Karen” behavior all along.”

In other words, Attiah is furious at white men because she thinks they’re protective of white women. And this makes Attiah enraged at white women.

Some remarked that Karen sounds jealous that white men want to protect their women. Isn’t that what men are supposed to do?

Attiah’s attack on patriarchy isn’t surprising, since Black Lives Matter wants to abolish the nuclear family.

Civil rights activist Bob Woodson says today’s radical Left has abandoned all pretense of fighting for racial equality. What they want to do — by weaponizing the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement — is to destroy the United States.

“The Left has abandoned all pretense of fighting for social justice,” Wood told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “Lower-income blacks are just collateral damage for their efforts to destroy civic institutions in this country. This is an assault on this nation by promoting anarchy.”

Woodson continued: “Black Lives Matter is not answering the question that if racism were the single culprit, why are black children and black people being destroyed by institutions run by their own people?”

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