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Pride month trumps virus concerns as massive crowds gather

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Despite dire warnings over so-called surging COVID-19 positives, mainstream media outlets apparently had little to say about the big turnout for a Pride march in Chicago yesterday where social distancing was not apparent. From an aerial view, the Bloomberg news agency described the crowd as “massive.”

Obsessed with defeating President Trump in November, the politically correct media has been pushing a second-wave narrative to prevent the economy from recovering and to keep the pressure on for vote-by-mail fraud.

Under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Americans enjoy the right to peacefully assemble, in Chicago or anywhere else.

No one questions that aspect of our freedoms, except perhaps for Chris Cuomo of CNN.

Thousands of people reportedly showed up on the north side of the Windy City for this particular event. “With so many people out, social distancing is nearly impossible, which is why organizers made it clear that masks were required for those participating,” ABC7 Chicago explained. “Most who attended seemed to have complied with that request.”

According to the fear-mongering media, the only assemblies where someone can become infected with the coronavirus is at a Trump rally, at a protest against a draconian economic lockdown, on a sunny beach, or perhaps in a house of worship.

Identity politics trumps, as it were, public health, in many media precincts.

The coronavirus actually prompted the cancellation of the annual Chicago Pride Parade, and instead a different, non-corporate-sponsored event emerged, which its organizers described as a “protest, not a party,” CBS Chicago reported, where speakers advocated defunding the police, among other issues.

“Unlike Pride celebrations of years past, gone were the crowds watching from the sidelines, the colorful corporate-sponsored floats and the gladhanding politicians. In it’s place was a grassroots movement centered on Black and brown voices, especially transgender voices, the same ones that launched the gay rights movement back in 1969 as a rebellion against police violence,” ABC Chicago added.

Across the country, COVID-positives appear to spiking in part because of additional testing. And the younger cohort evidently is mostly asymptomatic. Writing in the Spectator USA, Heather MacDonald asserts that media  doomsayers are downplaying the good news, including the declining coronavirus death toll.

“There are no crises in hospital capacity anywhere in the country. Nursing homes, meat-packing plants, and prisons remain the main sources of new infections. Half the states are seeing cases decline or hold steady. Case counts are affected by more testing; the positive infection rate captured by testing is declining. The current caseload is younger, which is a good thing. The more people who have been infected and who recover, the more herd immunity is created. Meanwhile, daily deaths from heart disease and cancer — about 3,400 a day combined — go ignored in the press.

“The lockdowns were a mistake the first time around; to reimpose them would be disastrous for any remaining hope of restoring our economy…The only vaccine against poverty and resulting despair is a robust economy.”

Against this backdrop, Twitter weighed in on yesterday’s march insofar as the media’s selective public health anxiety. Here’s a sample.


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