Black Republican couple have good laugh after stumbling on all white BLM protest

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For those with a keen eye, it’s hard not to notice that Black Lives Matter protests are often void of black lives, as white liberals around the country assume the authority to represent the voice of African Americans.

Not that all African Americans have the same message.

In fact, unbeknownst to the liberal media, there are actually black Republicans, and they do not necessarily agree with the wanton destruction taking place across the U.S.

Benji Irby and his wife, Shemeka Michelle, are two black Republicans who adamantly support President Donald Trump, and the couple shared a hilarious video online while visiting the state capital in North Carolina.

As they state in the video, they “stumble” upon a Black Lives Matter protest at some statue and couldn’t help but notice that there were no black people in attendance.

“I don’t even do videos, but like, I’m here with Shameka at the North Carolina state house being a nerd, and look, there’s a whole like Black Lives Matter protest going on,” Irby says in the video, as he pans the camera behind them to show a few dozen people gathered near a statue.

He points out that he doesn’t know who is depicted in the statue.

“But there are no black people,” Irby then says, with a laugh. ” How are we the only black people who stumbled upon this Black Lives Matter protests — with no black people.”

His wife finishing the sentence in unison with him.

“This is like –” Irby began, as Shameka quickly finished his thought, chiming in “Foolishness!”

They both have a hearty laugh of the nonsense, before noticing someone with “a little afro.”

“OK, there’s one,” Irby said, before noting that it makes no sense.

Of course, the phenomenon is not restricted to just North Carolina, as seen in a post in Salt Lake City, were white lunatic BLM protesters dump red paint in the street.

“There are zero black people here,” tweeted social media user Kathleen McKinley, in response to a video from journalist Andy Ngo. “BLM activists?

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story that proves to be instructive to what people believe is really at play here:

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