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Where’s President Trump? Americans ask who should stop rapid destruction of country’s historical monuments

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Violence and property destruction are continuing around the country as Leftist mobs roam city streets and parks in search of historical memorials, monuments, and statues to topple and deface.

And the historical figures’ ties to the alleged political and ideological causes of the protesters don’t seem to matter much at this stage.

Case in point: One of two statues defaced and toppled in San Francisco Friday night by ‘demonstrators’-turned vandals was that of Union commanding Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, who fought to defeat the Confederacy and end slavery.

Other statues defaced and toppled in San Francisco Friday included Francis Scott Key, the man who penned the “Star-Spangled Banner,” our national anthem, and Junipero Serra, a Roman Catholic priest.

The Epoch Times added:

Video footage captured on the ground showed the vandals using a strong cord to pull down the Serra statue in Golden Gate Park. People recently started pushing for the statue to be removed, claiming Serra was involved in a “genocide” against Native Americans.

The Hispanic Council said Saturday that officials witnessed with sadness the tearing down of another Hispanic figure, describing Serra as the first Hispanic saint in the country.


Of the missions he helped found in California, the council said, “he served the native community, evangelizing the local populations and providing them with jobs, education and food.”

Statue of Catholic saint Junipero Serra being toppled in San Francisco June 19, 2020. (Photo: Screengrab)

The attack on Serra’s monument “lacks historical rigor,” it added — which helps make the point that the vandalizing of memorials and statutes cannot be, at this point, truly associated with what happened to George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police.

Meanwhile, independent journalist Andy Ngo posted video of the toppling of a statue in Washington, D.C. on Friday, though it’s not clear to whom the statue was a memorial.

On Friday, BizPac Review reported that a statue of ‘the father of our country,’ George Washington, was pulled down in Portland, Ore. — an act that President Donald Trump foresaw in 2017.

But as these wanton acts of destruction, violence, and some would argue domestic terrorism, continue, more Americans are beginning to ask: Where are our leaders? Where are the mayors, the police chiefs, the elected city and state officials?

Where is President Trump?

“How much of a coward do you have to be to allow this to happen in your city? The lack of leadership across the country is astounding,” Fox News host Lisa Boothe wrote in a tweet Saturday accompanied by a story from The Hill reporting on the destruction of the Key and Grant memorials in San Fran.

During his Friday program, top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Republicans, most of whom have remained largely silent as Left-wing groups and Democrats wage an all-out war on America’s founding and history, good and bad.

“Since the day Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Democratic Party has been helplessly disorganized and totally ineffective as a political party,” Carlson said as he recounted the failed Dem-led efforts to depose President Trump.

“These people couldn’t organize your kid’s birthday party, they didn’t make their beds this morning. And yet suddenly out of nowhere, they roared back and took over the country,” he noted further, adding they have been allowed to do that because “nobody stopped them, there was no opposition to their power grab.”

“The other side surrendered on day one without a fight. The rest of us watched all of this with our jaws hanging open in shock, it was the opposite of what we expected. Millions of people who regularly vote for the Republican Party precisely because they would like someone to protect this country from the crazed ideologues who seek to destroy it,” Carlson said. “But when the moment of crisis came, Republicans ran away.”

As for the president’s potential involvement, Kurt Schlichter, an L.A.-based trial lawyer, and retired U.S. Army officer, wrote at Townhall that it’s best he stay out of the mix:

It’s certainly frustrating to watch a pack of reeking leftist scumbags declare a portion of an American city an “autonomous zone” – what is it with Democrats and their secession fetish? – but do not get frustrated because Donald Trump has not sent the 101st Airborne in to powerwash the human grunge from Seattle’s feces-bedecked streets.

That’s what the Democrats want. And Trump – a better strategic thinker than all the media geniuses, hack politicians, and Afghan War-losing generals who cry about him – is not only not going to give them the victory they crave. He’s going to jam their cheesy plan down their throats. 

Jon Dougherty


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