Two black men will blow you away with their real thoughts about white guilt, victimhood and Trump

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Black Americans are increasingly taking to social media to push back against liberal media and Democratic narratives about President Donald Trump and conservatives.

“Another issue I’m having is also with white guilt,” the man who identified himself a Christopher Wright, says as he walks down a street in New York City. “I have a huge issue with white guilt…on the liberal side.”

Conservatives, by comparison, treat him with “respect” as an “equal.”

“You know what white guilt to me is? White guilt is low-expectation racism, that’s all it is,” he continues. “You see white people all concerned for black people, ‘Ah, you know…you guys can never be accomplished in this country because of what we did to you.’

“To me, that white guilt, that virtue-signaling, that’s an issue, a big issue in this country now on the Left, on the liberal side of things,” the man says. “A lot of my conservatives, white people on the conservative side of things, they don’t look at me and feel, oh so sorry for me, or I’m not capable of being accomplished or being successful.

“They don’t look at me like that,” he continues. “They have respect for me as a fellow American citizen. And that’s all I ask for as an American citizen. Mutual respect. I don’t need you to cower down, take a knee down for me. I don’t need you to kiss my boots or nothing like that. I don’t need nothing crazy like that.”

“Just treat me like a fellow American, I’ll do the same to you, we’ll keep it moving,” the man says, adding that “conservatives give me that” while “people on the Left…look down on me.”

One example he used is the issue of “voter IDs.” He notes that liberals, in opposing ‘racist’ policies requiring people to prove who they are before casting a ballot, are really saying they don’t think blacks are capable of getting an ID on their own.

“Do you know how racist that sounds when I hear white people talk about that?” says the man. “That’s real racism right there if you think a black person can’t get an ID. Do you know how easy it is to get an ID, especially in New York City?”

“It was a process that any adult black person can do by themselves. So, to act like it’s impossible for blacks to get voter IDs or aren’t capable of doing it on their own, that’s racism — that’s low expectation racism,” the man says.

“That’s where I see modern-day racism in 2020 coming at me. It’s not some KKK guy in Arkansas in a mountain or something with a white hoodie on, it’s a little college grad, you know, white kid, Antifa with a mask on, with a black mask on actin’ a fool, talking about I’m not capable to get an ID and vote,” the man continued.

“That’s the racism I see going on in 2020. That’s what’s going on, it’s on the Left,” he concludes.

Another black man reportedly from Baltimore also took to social media recently to defend President Donald Trump while pushing back on the Left’s claims that he’s racist.

“Trump’s not fighting against you,” the man says. “Trump’s not fighting against black people, he’s not fighting against Spanish people, he’s not fighting against transgender, he’s not fighting against Mexicans or none of that s**t. Trump is fighting against globalists.”

**Warning: Language

Following a meeting with President Trump, the mother of Ahmaud Arbery, a young black man who was chased down and gunned down in Georgia in February by two armed white men, praised him for being “very compassionate” as “he listened” to her.

“I was very, very emotional throughout the whole conference,” Wanda Cooper-Jones told reporters. “[President Trump] was very compassionate. He showed major concern for all families. Not just one family, but for all families.

“President Trump was very receiving. He listened and addressed each and every family,” she added.

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