Donald Trump Jr to interview his dad this week: ‘Unlike CNN, I’m not pretending to be a journalist here’

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President Donald Trump will reportedly be interviewed this week by his eldest son and namesake, Donald Trump Jr.

The president is expected to make an appearance Thursday on Team Trump’s online show “Triggered,” with his son firing the questions.

Trump Jr. responded to a tweet from Jonathan Easley, the national political reporter for The Hill, reporting on the event while citing a “familiar source.”

Letting it be known that the segment should be fun and entertaining, he referenced CNN anchor Chris Cuomo interviewing his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to get in front of critics.

“Guys, unlike CNN and Chris Cuomo when he interviews his brother, I’m not pretending to be a journalist here. This is just me having a fun conversation with my dad. Tune in on Thursday night, it will be a good one,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

“I may or may not ask @realDonaldTrump about aliens. 👽😂, he added.

An example of the questions Chris Cuomo asked his older brother about in a March interview is seen below.

Gov. Cuomo oversaw the disastrous management of nursing homes as a result of the pandemic, as the Democrat required  facilities to take in coronavirus patients. Deaths in the long-term care facilities are reportedly closing in on 6,000 in the state.

Yet, at the time, under the guise of journalism, the CNN anchor touted his brother’s leadership in the crisis while asking about presidential aspirations.

“With all of this adulation you’re getting for doing your job, are you thinking about running for president?” he asked.

Of course, we can’t forget the giant cotton swab in an interview last month.

With deaths in New York over 20,000 at the time, the brothers joked about a recent coronavirus test the governor took that involved a nurse inserting a cotton swab into his nostril.

Trump Jr.’s Twitter feed is as much a toxic wasteland of liberal rage as his father, as there were plenty of suggestions on what to ask — many of which not fit for a family-friendly eyes.

There were also a lot of requests for the “Q question.” Turns out, there’s also plenty of curiosity about the aliens.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

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