‘Chopped!’ Ex-CHAZ crowd shouts as new name honors bloody French revolution

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Radical anarchists and domestic terrorists associated with the violent Antifa effort continue their occupation of a 6-block area of Seattle, as hard-left Democrats in the city make no effort to reclaim their streets.

Much like we saw during the failed Occupy Wall Street movement, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone — aka “CHAZ” — is already collapsing under the weight of its lofty ideas.

The first sign of this was when the name of the occupation came into dispute, which was followed by the endorsement of guillotines used in the bloody French Revolution in association with the new name.

There was discontent in paradise over the name CHAZ, with some elements wanting to call it CHOP — Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. But there was even dispute here, over what the “O” stood for — some say “Occupied,” while others say “Organized.”

In the midst of it all, a man with a bullhorn brings up the French Revolution as he characterized their efforts as a revolution.

“Does anybody know what happened to the people who did not get on board with the French Revolution?” our hero called out.

“Chopped!” the crowd answered.

“That’s another evolution, because people started putting property over lives,” the man rambles on.

This display is but one example of the left-wing lunacy that’s going on inside the “no-cop” zone.

While Seattle’s liberal mayor justifies the lawless protest as “self expression.”

Mayor Jenny Durkan said at a press conference the radicals are “lawfully gathering and expressing First Amendment rights.”

“Demanding we do better as a society, and providing true equity for communities of color is not terrorism. It’s patriotism,” she added.

“Seattle is fine. Don’t be so afraid of democracy,” she tweeted Friday, in response to President Trump calling on the city to take back its streets.

This is what democracy looks like — in Seattle, Washington.

Tom Tillison


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