Chicago students take over police HQ, tried to mimic CHAZ, but they got hungry and had to pee

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“Autonomous zones” cropping up around the country appear to be Occupy Wall Street redux, only with a different cause than the 2011 campaign — both share one common element, that being a left-wing maneuver leading up to a presidential election.

With the People’s Republic of Seattle setting the tone, progressive zealots in Chicago gave it the old college try, though you could say they are making a mess of it.

A group of students began protesting Friday against the University of Chicago Police Department at its headquarters, calling for the abolishment of the department.

That the so-called protest comes exactly one week after Chicago saw the most violent weekend in modern history, with 85 people shot and 24 killed, with nary a ripple from residents, only confirms that post-Obama America is one strange place.

As noted by 14 East Magazine’s Grace Del Vecchio, while some students have gathered outside, others went inside to occupy police headquarters. Unfortunately, their staying power would prove to as waning as their ability to hold it.

Having a true grasp on American history may be a lost art on college campuses, but the protesters did prove that counting remains a strong point.

According to Urban Dictionary, “F*ck 12” is a play on the old TV show Adam-12, and means “f*ck the police.” There’s also rap song by that name.

But those inside “are still not allowed to use the bathroom and no one is allowed to give them food/water,” Del Vecchio tweeted.

The students want officers disarmed of guns and non-lethal weapons and an ultimate plan to disband the department by 2022, The Hyde Park Herald reported.

According to one of the organizers, they want to replace law enforcement with “investment in genuine care — student counseling, services that genuinely make this community more inclusive and more safe for everyone, not just an illusion of safety that excludes some people.”

“The history of the University of Chicago Police Department has revolved around making the campus a place that’s hostile to people who live on the South Side, hostile to community members,” organizer Livia Miller, a sophomore and spokeswoman for UChicago Student Action, told the newspaper.

“And as we’re seeing right now across the country, the way that police forces have been used to systematically target some people is just not working anymore,” Miller continued. “And I think abolition starts on our own campus.”

Seattle-based journalist Andy Ngo, who knows a thing or two about the radical left, and has a rich history of documenting their violence and anarchy, shared a tweet from Del Vecchio stating that a tent was set up inside for people to relieve themselves.

Protesters inside and around a new “autonomous zone” at the University of Chicago Police Department are urinating and defecating inside a tent in the room.

Turns out, the impromptu accommodations were not of the students’ liking, as they would end the occupation by midday Saturday.

Though the protesters, who appear to be primarily liberal white students, promised to be back — after refreshing themselves, we presume.

According to Del Vecchio, the aggrieved students feel that their “right to protest” was infringed upon by police.

“The police made it so we couldn’t have a safe action,” an organizer who was inside all night reportedly said. “They infringed on our right to protest.”

Tom Tillison


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