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Cracker Barrel under attack because it ‘feels’ like a racist place, with a racist name

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First they came for “Cops” and “Gone With The Wind,” and now they appear to be gunning for Cracker Barrel. Sort of.

Amid the Maoist-like cultural revolution currently happening across the states, there seems to be an emerging movement to smear (and eventually possibly cancel) the iconic Southern restaurant chain Cracker Barrel.

It reportedly began with April Reign, the far-left activist reportedly responsible for launching the stunningly racist #OscarsSoWhite hashtag.

Responding to a Twitter user who’d asked if people have “ever walk[ed] into a place that just FEELS racist,” Reign responded by citing Cracker Barrel.


To be clear, there’s no such thing as feeling racist. Or at least there used to be no such phenomenon, though what with the dictionary now being rewritten …

Reign, who features her so-called gender pronouns on her Twitter profile and identifies as a “diversity & inclusion advocate,” provided no tangible, rational, logical evidence as to why she smells Jim Crow when entering a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Nevertheless, her bizarre interpretation of reality spread like wildfire.


Save for April, who’s a known far-left activist, these people aren’t necessarily being that serious, and there’s not necessarily going to be an actual movement to cancel Cracker Barrel. Still, just in case, it might be worth going over the restaurant’s awesomeness.

For one, amazing things tend to occur at Cracker Barrel.

Case in point:

Second, Cracker Barrel doesn’t tolerate genuine hate. Just a year ago, the company banned a pastor who’d been known for issuing death threats against members of the gay community from hosting an event at its restaurant.

“Grayson Fritts, the pastor who doubles as a county police detective, had planned an event at a Cracker Barrel in Cleveland, Tennessee, for his congregation, the All Scripture Baptist Church, on June 29,” CNN reported at the time.

“When the Tennessee Democratic Party caught wind of the event, chairwoman Mary Mancini shared a letter she sent to Cracker Barrel CEO Sandra Cochran asking the company to review the decision based on the pledge of inclusivity and diversity on its website, which calls for ‘fairness, mutual respect and equal opportunity.'”

In response, Cracker Barrel basically said, “Bye, Felicia.”


According to reports, Fritts had made headlines earlier that month by posting a sermon calling for the execution of gay people.

Despite the chain’s record of awesomeness, it’s faced constant mockery, derision and racially motivated accusations because of its name. The word “cracker” is a term for white people, and so “cracker” being in the restaurant’s name proves something?

Except it doesn’t. The restaurant’s name was inspired by literal barrels of soda crackers.

Of course, these days the chain is known for a lot more than just barrels of soda crackers. It’s known for being an all-American refuge for good food, good times and good people — which is why it’s loved by so many!

Vivek Saxena


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