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Guilt-ridden celebs ‘take responsibility’ for role in systemic racism in cringe-worthy video, and want you to confess, too

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Celebrities – still quarantined in their mansions with little to do – have decided to save America from racism with a video that should come with a gag warning.

If you thought the “Imagine” video was difficult to watch, you’re likely going to have a much harder time getting through “#ITakeResponsibility,” in which you can find some of Tinsel Town’s most recognizable faces somberly apologizing for their role in propagating racism. The way in which they prostrate themselves in the self-flagellating clip is enough to make one believe that they are personally responsible for every hateful thing that has ever been said or done to people of color. Seriously, this is one good fake cry away from limping away with an Oscar.

The video – filmed in black and white to really give off that somber vibe – stars Julianne Moore, Kristen Bell, Sarah Paulson, Aaron Paul, Aly Raisman, Bethany Joy Lenz, Bryce Dallas Howard, Debra Messing, Ilana Glazer, Justin Theroux, Kesha, Mark Duplass, Piper Perabo and Stanley Tucci, and was sponsored by the NAACP.

“I take responsibility for every unchecked moment, for every time it was easier to ignore than to call it out for what it was. Every not so funny joke, every unfair stereotype, every blatant injustice no matter how big or small, every time I remained silent, every time I explained away police brutality or turned a blind eye,” they bleat apologetically.


It’s enough to make you wonder how much racism goes on in Hollywood. While one would think the woke scolds in the industry would be jumping at any opportunity to call out their peers and prove how great and wonderful they are, this video makes it appear that racial intolerance is a much larger problem. Worse yet, it makes it look like common practice until very recently.

Then again, this is coming from the same industry that only called out the sexual depravity of Harvey Weinstein when it was adorned with a trendy hashtag, so it’s no secret that they’re willing to bury some skeletons (and perhaps Klan robes) deep inside their closets. Until, that is, they can air out their dirty laundry for clout.

“I take responsibility,” repeats Moore emphatically. “Black people are being slaughtered in the streets – in their own homes.” And somewhere deep in her heart, she believes that making a snippet of a video is going to change that seemingly irrefutable (in her own mind) fact.

If you’re of the curious sort, you might visit their website to get a feel for what the organization is about. But in order to get in you have to confess your deepest, darkest, most racist sins. Then you must list how you plan to atone for the aforementioned sin.

(Website screengrab)

When it comes to admitting your inner hate, your options are legion! You can cop to:

  • Turning a blind eye to racism
  • Making racist jokes
  • Explaining away police brutality
  • Saying racism doesn’t exist
  • Explaining away systemic racism
  • Denying white privilege exists
  • Not educating yourself on racism
  • My own implicit bias against Black people
  • Saying “I don’t see color”
  • Not listening to/believing Black people
  • Not being inclusive
  • Not educating your kids on systemic racism
  • Or valuing Black culture over Black lives

But your choices for making things right are somewhat limited, with these gracious celebs giving you the chance to:

  • Demand for police accountability
  • Support organizations on the front lines
  • Donate to families affected
  • And mobilizing voting efforts

Upon admitting your guilt, (or clicking this link,) you are allowed full access to the website, which offers you the option to sign up for a newsletter. Which is great if you need a constant reminder that you’re awful.

Twitter reacted exactly how you’d expect – by ratioing the tweet and roasting everyone involved in this performative skit that does nothing to improve black lives or livelihoods.



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